CES 2017: Link – So Big, yet so Very Small!



As day 1 of CES 2017 gets underway, I’m immediately blown away by a very small device that I know many will be interested in!


Fasetto Link

Most of us may not have heard of, Fasetto, a relatively new start up from Wisconsin, but their small (2″ x 2″ x 1″) Link device will change that.




The Link is a wireless Network Attached Storage (NAS) unit designed and built for use on your travels.  If you are someone who opts for a Smartphone that does not offer expandable storage slots, and instead pays a premium for a higher storage model, then this could be your prayers being answered!

Hidden within it’s compact frame is up to 2TB!! of Solid State Drive (SSD) storage.  There are also 256/512MB units available.  Similar to a GoPro, the Link sets up it’s own wireless network for you to connect your devices too.




Then using the connected app you can easily transfer your photos and videos directly to the device, thus freeing your phone up and avoiding those constant messages demanding you make more space!

On the flip side, you can load it up with all your music and movies, then stream them to your device.  Fasetto claim you can download a 5GB movie from the Link in just a few seconds!




With no moving parts the unit should be very reliable with minimal reasons to fail mechanically.  It is IP-68 approved which means it will is dust and water resistant.  That is a higher rating than the current iPhone and on par with the Samsung S7!


Midsection of businesswoman using smart phone at airport lobby


But wait, there is more!  Fasetto really have given this some thought, the base is a cap, which can easily be removed to allow for 2 different attachments to enhance the Link.

First is an expandable battery pack.  The Link ships with a standard battery that gives 2 weeks standby and 5 hours of streaming between charges.  With the extended battery added this increases to 4 weeks of standby and 8 hours of streaming.




Then there is the LTE expansion pack which turns your Link into a full on wireless hopspot, supporting up to 30 devices at a time (although this appears to be a US option only at present).




The Link will come in dark or light grey and with 3 different storage sizes:

  • 256 GB – $349
  • 512GB – $499
  • 2TB – $1,149


The accessories are:

  • Battery Pack Expansion – $29
  • LTE Wifi Hotspot Expansion – $149


All of the above are available for pre-order now direct from the Fasetto website and are due to start shipping in April.  At present they are only for order to US customers, the moment this opens up I will run another post on it.


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    • Agree, but this is a one off payment for a “cloud in your pocket” service rather than a solely online offering that may charge per month. Examples being:

      Google Drive @ 1TB = £80 per year
      iCloud @ 2TB = £240 per year
      Amazon Web Storage @ Unlimited = £55 per year

      All 3 require an internet connection to up/download data and then store locally on your device/s. The Link can stream, at high speeds, and connects via Bluetooth to your device, therefore all your media does not fill up your smartphone and you can always back up your photos/files without the need for being online.

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