As a brand known for its high-quality, innovative travel accessories, Nomad Goods’ latest product, the Nomad Goods Tracking Card, provides iPhone owners a desirable alternative to an AirTag.

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Nomad Goods Tracking Card

Nomad Goods has built a reputation for creating high-quality, stylish tech accessories designed to simplify and enhance modern living. Their latest innovation, the Nomad Goods Tracking Card, is a testament to their commitment to blending functionality with elegance.

As a premium brand, Nomad is often covered on {Tech} for Travel for its limited edition Apple accessories like the recently launched Glow 2.0 collection. Which promptly sold out the moment it was released! Or their selection of Apple Watch straps, including the just restocked Natural Titanium band, which perfectly pairs with the current Watch Ultra 2.

But the Californian-based company also makes great tech, so I, and many of its loyal users, will have high hopes for the Tracking Card.

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Features // Nomad Good Tracking Card

At just 2.98mm thick, this remarkably slim, rechargeable device integrates seamlessly with Apple’s Find My app, offering an efficient solution for tracking your wallet, backpack, or luggage.

The Nomad Goods Tracking Card can be easily located using the Find My app, just like an AirTag. The card leverages the network of Apple devices, ensuring accurate and reliable tracking. Whether your wallet is under the couch or left at a restaurant, the Find My app will guide you straight to it.

One of the major conveniences of the Tracking Card will be its battery life and how it can recharged!

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Simply place the card on any Qi or MagSafe charger. Once fully charged, a small circular light at the top right corner of the card will turn green, indicating that it’s ready for another five months of use.

By eliminating the need for disposable batteries or even single-use trackers, the Nomad Goods Tracking Card reduces waste and is a more eco-friendly option. This makes it a more practical choice for environmentally conscious users.

And, if you want to use the Nomad Goods Tracking Card in a wallet or purse, the good news is this device does not contain any magnets. So, there is no risk of demagnetizing any of your bank cards. The card contains enough metal to attach to MagSafe chargers for wireless charging.

a person holding a card and a wallet.  Nomad Goods Tracking Card.  {Tech} for Travel.
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Specifications // Nomad Goods Tracking Card

Dimensions86 x 54 x 2.98 mm
Colour OptionsBlack
ConnectivityApple Find My
Battery Lifeup to 5 Months
ChargingQi Wireless
Waterproof RatingIPX7
In the BoxTracking Card

Price // Nomad Goods Tracking Card

The Nomad Goods Tracking Card has an MSRP of $40/£39 and can be purchased directly from Nomad Goods’ website. There is also further information and additional accessories to complement the Tracking Card.

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