#CES2019 Day 3 Round-Up


From Jan 8th-11th in the Nevada desert, the annual CES Tech trade show returns to Las Vegas.  This is the largest tech event in the world and has more new product launches than any other.

With the event now in its 52nd year, {Tech} for Travel will be pacing the halls, booths and displays to bring you all the news from the biggest brands.

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Day 3 Round-Up

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The LVCC Lobby ready for CES2019 Image Tech for Travel

The Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) is at the heart of the CES event. Spanning over a space bigger than 20 football fields, this is where the more established brands bring the ‘WOW Factor’.

Inbetween these huge displays you will find gadgets and companies who are changing how we use our technology. On day 3 I reaffirmed my view on Huawei products and found, possibly, my new best ‘tech’ friend!


Love them or hate them, Huawei is here to stay. Their product range is expanding all the time, and the devices they do have range from good to market leading!

I’ve already made the Huawei Mate20 Pro my pick for Best Smartphone in 2019 and after some more time with the team yesterday, I know I was right to do so! The device is a travellers delight thanks to the large bright screen, best in market camera and powerful configuration.

For work or pleasure, if you’re travelling it’s the best phone to have!

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Huawei Mate20 Pro Image Tech for Travel

If you thought the era of the Ultra-Slim laptop had ended, then #CES2019 says otherwise. Lenovo launched their S940, late last year Apple refreshed their Air model, and this week Huawei are showing off the MateBook X/Pro.

From a size and weight view, Ultra-Slims are a travellers go-to laptop, but with a lack of ports, and usually down on power, they’re not often the best pick for a power user.

Huawei Mate20 Pro starts from £899 // MateBook X Pro from $1,199.

SkyRoam Solis

Staying connected while travelling can sometimes be tricky, often expensive, and nearly always unsafe without a VPN connection! The Solis is your own personal, global wireless connection covering over 150 countries.

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Skyroam Solis Image Tech for Travel

The brief with the Solis is clear. The moment you step away from home, their device will keep you going! Other than being a hotspot, the Solis will charge your devices thanks to the internal 6,000mAh power pack.

For the more dedicated connected traveller, you’ll be pleased to know the Solis can support 5 connected devices at one time and will last up to 20 hours, depending on usage!

We also have a demo unit that is being tested for a full review.

Find them on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

Skyroam Solis starts from $149 with a 1-day free pass.

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