#CES2019 Day 4 Round-Up


From Jan 8th-11th in the Nevada desert, the annual CES Tech trade show returns to Las Vegas.  This is the largest tech event in the world and has more new product launches than any other.

With the event now in its 52nd year, {Tech} for Travel will be pacing the halls, booths and displays to bring you all the news from the biggest brands.

Day 4 Round-Up

The CES sign welcoming attendees to the Sands Expo Center // Image {Tech} for Travel.

The fourth, and final, day of CES is often a busy one. With so much ground to cover and booths to see, many are still rushing around getting in those final face to face meetings in or catching a glimpse of that next must have device.

Bell Nexus

Easily one of the biggest draws this year came in the form of the Bell Nexus. A futuristic looking hexacopter that could change how we travel around our cities!

Yes, you read that right. We. The Nexus is not a rich persons plaything, it’s being developed with Uber! For the likes of you and I to call on as we do the car service today.

This is the future of Uber travel – the Bell Nexus // Image {Tech} for Travel.

This electric powered, human carrying drone can travel at over 100mph with a range of 150 miles from a single charge. It is designed to carry up to 4 passengers at a time and a pilot. The idea is that the Nexus will lift off like a helicopter but fly like an aircraft thanks to the rotating blade housing.

Despite the very futuristic looks, Bell plan to move in to production next year and have the Nexus in our skies by 2023!

Visit Bell for more information on the Nexus.

Thule Subterra PowerShuttle Range

It’s always a joy to visit the Thule booth at CES. Their luggage looks great, their displays are well laid out, and you could often do with one of everything they have to offer!

This week I discovered their PowerShuttle packing cubes that are a part of the Subterra collection.

The PowerShuttle packs are storage cubes, come in three sizes and are designed to bring a bit of order to your packing and Backpack. Each one has a varitey of pockets and loops to hold your personal accessories and chargers.

The largest in the range, the Plus, can store over-ear headphone and a laptop charger without any difficulty or charge your phone thanks to an external pocket and pass-thru cable system!

All three are made from a hard wearing Nylon, have that slick Thule design and are reasonably priced.

Find them on FacebookTwitter , Instagram or YouTube.

Thule Subterra PowerShuttle Cases start from $19.95.

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