Father’s Day Special: Turo – An App to Make Dads Dreams Come True!


Whether your dad travels for work, pleasure or both, a great piece of luggage or the next big gadgets will always be a welcome gift.  Over the following weeks I will be covering some of the best devices for your Dad this year!

Give Dad the Drive of His Life

I could write a million words about why I love technology, how it changes & transforms how we live our lives and why it inspires me to run this site! Today, however, I can encapsulate all of the above and help you give your Dad a very special Father’s day using just one of those words; Turo!


Turo is a peer-to-peer car sharing App that is doing to the car rental market, what Airbnb has done to the hotel industry.  Giving car owners a platform to rent/lease out their car when they are not using it, from a day to a week and longer.


To get started you need to download the app (Android | iOS) and create an account.  Once you have confirmed your email address, you can log in and do what I have been doing non-stop since discovering the app – browse some of the most beautiful cars on the planet!


Now there are plenty or “normal” cars to pick from on Turo, and doing so instead of some of the mainstream car rental companies can save you some money on a holiday rental, but this is the Dream Drive for your Dad!  Turo became established in the US before making its way over to the UK, so the selection here is smaller than that in America, and is still more London focused, but it is growing!  My current favorite – by a mile – is this 1965 Shelby GT350.  I could rent it just to park it out front and look at it all weekend!


The Dream cars such as this do vary from date to date.  For the purpose of this article I picked the first weekend in August to see what was on offer.

If American Muscle is not to Dads liking then I found one offering that will make any car fan over the age of 40 (and most under that age as well) go weak at the knees and tell you how it was their poster car when growing up, the Jaguar E-Type.


To use the app you just need to enter your pick up location, collection date and a return date.  You will then be presented with all the vehicles available for rent in that geography during that time period.

If you are looking for the real fantasy cars, I suggest setting the filter to start with the higher pricing, but don’t let that put you off.  They are still much cheaper than a normal rental company.


After you have found that perfect car for Dad, tap Rent this Car and the app will bring up 3 steps for you to complete.  This will include additional info and payment details.  It is during this stage you must declare your Dad as an additional driver.  Failure to do so will result in you driving your dad around all weekend in his favorite car!

The owner of the car will respond back to you within 8 hours (often much sooner) confirming the booking.  You can even arrange for the car to be delivered (usually at additional cost) or agree on a location to collect/return it yourself.


As part of the rental the car owner must provide the basic legally required insurance to use the rented vehicle on the road.  I would suggest also seeking further advice from the owner and possibly your own insurance company to make sure you are both fully covered.

An alternative, to renting here in the UK, is to do so if you have an upcoming holiday in the US.  For the same weekend I used for here in the UK, the following were available to rent in Dallas, TX.


I hope to bring you a full App Review of Turo very soon, but if your Dad is a car fan, then Turo could be that perfect gift this Father’s Day.

Prices vary depending on date/car/duration.   Visit Turo.com.

Tom Payne
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    • Every time I come to the US I will be treating myself to a day or two. There are some amazing cars for hire. Las Vegas seems to have the best selection from what I have found so far!

      • I have been looking around on that app and found a few decent vehicles I would like to rent for a weekend trip around the area I live. It is a great app for sure. I had my co-worker download it too!

  1. TURO is easy to use, has amazing support, and gives owners and renters lots of choice. For those of us who drive a few miles to work, then a few miles back home at the end of the day, TURO is great for letting your car work for you, and provides someone a ride when the need it.

  2. TURO is easy to use, has amazing support, and gives owners and renters lots of choices. For those of us who drive a few miles to work, then a few miles back home at the end of the day, TURO is great for letting your car work for you and provides someone a ride when they need it.

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