Father’s Day Special: Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 Smart Watch


Whether your dad travels for work, pleasure or both, a great piece of luggage or the next big gadgets will always be a welcome gift.  Over the following weeks I will be covering some of the best devices for your Dad this year!

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Putting the Watch into a Wearable!

A discussion I have had on many occasions is around ditching my watch for a wearable, or smart watch.  Some people find it difficult to adapt to new technology, while others like myself, embrace it immediately.

That is until it comes to my timepieces.  Until now I have taken on every form of new technology apart from the smart watch.  Yes I wear a Fitbit HR on one wrist for my daily activities, but I always maintained the need for one of my “Real” watches on the other.

There are some great smart watches on the market today, some of which I have already covered, but this offering from Tag Heuer…… I think this will make any dad happy, regardless of his preference!


The Tag you Build Yourself!

Tag Heuer have managed to enter the Smart Watch market whilst maintaining the beauty, and craftmanship of their mechanical offerings.  Their description of the Connected Modular Smart Watch is:

Swiss luxury watchmaking and Silicon Valley Technology.

This sentence could only  be improved with Bacon and coffee!!  For any Dad who loves his technology but unable to give up on his beloved watch, the above words are everything he needs to hear.


Unlike other connected watches on the market today, you can build and configure the Tag to whatever suits your dad the best.

You have the option to select the Module(the watch housing), straps and the lugs which join the straps to the module.  Along with the more standard options of Aluminium or Titanium casings for the module, there are gold and diamond options for something a little more special!

The straps come in a wide variety of colours and various materials such as Rubber, Ceramic, Titanium and calfskin.


Powered by Android Wear

Tag Heuer provide the style & grace on the outside, Google and Intel deliver the power and connectivity.  Don’t worry if your dad is an iPhone user though, despite being powered by Android, his iOS device will work with the watch.

Although the watch can be used on its own, to get the best use, it’s best to connect it to a smartphone.  Your dad can even download apps direct to the watch via Wifi and the Google Play store.

A few stand out apps to help dad on his travels are Google Maps, Translate and OK Google.  There is one downloadable piece of content though, that makes all the difference.  The ability to add some of Tag Heuers legendary watch faces in digital form is reason enough to let go of mechanical and move to a connected world.



I’m fully aware that any Tag Heuer watch, mechanical or connected, will come at a price higher than most other Smart Watches on the market, but with the Modular 45 you will get a technological timepiece that will prove beneficial for every daily activity.

  • AMOLED Screen 1.39’’ with  Scratch-resistant sapphire glass of 2.5 mm thickness.
  • Screen resolution: 400 x 400 with 287ppi
  • 512 MB main memory – 4 GB storage.
  • Intel Atom Processor Z34XX
  • Accelerometer, gyroscope, tilt detection sensor, microphone, vibrations/ haptics engine and ambient light sensor.
  • Built-in GPS
  • Water Resistant down to 50 meters.

The battery takes 90 minutes to provide a full charge, this is done via USB and the charging cradle that ships with the watch.  Then it will last for about 29 hours depending on usage.


The Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 Smart Watch Range vary in price depending on how you build one.  Prices start at £1200 and rise up to £5700, so if Dad has been providing extra taxi services, this is the gift for him!

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