INDIEGOGO Special: The ClickPack Pro from Korin Design.


Since starting this blog, I have realised that some of the best new products are not from big-name brands.  Instead, start-ups and smaller businesses are creating great-looking and functional devices & luggage to rival the more established names.

To help them on their way from concept to the marketplace, these companies turn to crowdfunding sites to get their idea off the ground.  With such a huge selection currently on Indiegogo, I am running a week of specials, highlighting some of my favourite, available for backing now.

ClickPack Pro from Korin Design

As the common backpack evolves, so do the features we come to expect from them.  With more designs becoming smart and secure, travellers are now spoilt for choice.


Security is a hot topic, not only in our digital lives, but also in our day to day travels.  Some packs focus on reducing accessibility to pockets when being worn, others target cut proofing and RFID blocking and a few even pay attention to the padding and storage of your tech.

The ClickPack Pro has taken a page from each of these and written it’s own book!


Design & Security

The High Grade anti cut fabric made from a mix of polymer polyethylene, polyester silk and military grade glass fibre gives the ClickPack Pro a modern looking finish.  It is even graded 40% stronger than kevlar (based on strength to weight ratio)!

The internal stiffeners give the pack a box like shape and create a spacious and well organised 17l of storage, making the ClickPack a worthy carry-on companion!  It also provides four edges where you will find built-in reflectors, handy for those who may cycle, which can be seen up to 100ft away.


To secure the ClickPack Pro, Korin have removed any external zip pouches that would otherwise be accessible to others while you are wearing it.  The main opening is around the very edge, and although some other packs are more secure by having the zipper hidden completely against your back, Korin have it just about visible but provide a locking system for the zips.


The retractable metal wire lock provides additional peace of mind if you ever need to leve your pack unattended.  It pulls out from the pack, can be wrapped around any secure surface and clips into the TSA lock also used to secure the zips.


Internal Space

The Pack opens up like a clamshell giving easy access to every internal compartment.  Once inside, my favorite feature of the ClickPack Pro is on show, the icon badges!  It is always the small touches that have the biggest impact.


Every section, pouch and strap has one, and even if you don’t use each area as intended it is apparent just how much you can get into the ClickPack Pro.


The shoulder straps have a pocket in each of them to give quick access to travel passes, keys etc and an RFID protective section can keep your cards safe.

The laptop and tablet sections have a double layer of thick velvet to protect your devices while in transit.


A useful addition is the external USB port hidden at the base of the left shoulder strap.  This runs a cable into an internal pocket where you can store you external battery pack.  Plug in your smartphone and charge on the go!

  • Size 46 x 34 x 16cm
  • Capacity 17 litres
  • Weight 1008g
  • Laptop Pocket up to 15.6″
  • Tablet Pocket up to 10″
  • Shower Resistant
  • Slash Proof Outer Fabric
  • Back Support through better Weight Distribution
  • Secure TSA Approved Locking System


The ClickPack Pro has already reached it’s target funding, but is still available for purchase at 40% off the full retail price when it is released.  Get the ClickPack Pro for $119 (+ shipping) from Indiegogo.

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