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The hype and rumours for the new iPhone, which was to mark the 10th anniversary of the device, began about a week after the 7 range was released last year.  So when Apple confirmed 12th September for the launch, expectations reached fever pitch, but did the new offerings deliver as we were treated to not one, but three new handsets?


Apple iPhone 8/8 Plus

Usually, Apple releases a new model number one year and then upgrades it to an ‘S’ version the following year.  This time around, they jumped from the 7 to the 8, but with such slight differences, I’m not sure why they did!

There is nothing big enough to make 7/7 Plus owners make the upgrade, and even 6s/6s Plus owners will question the additional expense, but maybe this is an intentional ploy by Apple, with the iPhone X announced soon after!


Whats New?

With the exception of the additional fraction of a millimetre in height, width and depth, the exterior is nearly identical to its predecessor.  The display is the same in both models, but the 8 series now brings True Tone technology from the iPad Pros into the iPhone.  True Tone uses sensors to measure the light around you and adjust the white point and screen illumination, delivering the best possible picture.

The two, only real changes both relate to power.  Firstly the 8/8 Plus come with Apple’s newest A11 Bionic chip, replacing the A10 fusion chip in the 7.  This will deliver a better experience with the new iOS11, which was made public on 20th September.  Then there is the one feature many iPhone users have longed for – Wireless charging!


With a new glass back, making up an all glass casing, the 8 series can finally offer wireless charging, which has been an option with other handsets for a couple of years!  This is an option though!  The handsets will not ship with a Qi wireless charger, you will need to purchase one, and these can start from around £54!  For most who travel on a regular basis this will not be an issue as the standard lightening charge is all you will need.

Battery life remains the same, despite the additional power, up to 21 hours of talk time; or, should see you through the day.  The cameras also lack any upgrades, but do now offer 60fps video recording at 4k, where previously this was only achievable at 1080p.

Those who like a bit of colour on their devices will also be disappointed.  The selection of five different finishes on the 7 is back to three on the 8; Silver, Space Grey, Gold.



Prices begin at £699 for 64GB (entry-level) iPhone 8 and rise to £949 for the 256GB top end 8 Plus. Both devices and all storage/colour options are open for Preorder from Apple now, with shipping & deliveries due to start from 28th September.

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  1. Great review, however although the iPhone does a lot, the price tag does not.
    As you may appreciate, it seems unfair / unrealistic for Apple to charge us limeys a kings ransom for a phone and more than the Yanks for the same product.
    Whilst the iPhone 8 and 8 plus may not be ground breaking, the iPhone x, should be. It may also be known as the iPhone £1K X.
    Also, it is probable that the iPhone X and not the 8 or 8+, will be the “must have” present for XMAS 2017.
    Another thought is that travelling to “say” NYC (including local tax) to purchase a new mid range Series 3 watch and a large memory iPhone X, could see the difference pays your air-fair.
    Nevertheless, your next review should be into how Apple’s pricing structure, as they might become a rotting Apple, especially if customers feel ripped off to the point that any goodwill disappears.

    • The preview for the X is now live ( // ) For the Must Haves yes the X will be the device they want, but looking at the spec differences, there is not a lot between the 3 new models.

      I agree, if I was in the market for one of these, I’d pop over to NYC rather than purchase it in the EU.

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