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The hype and rumours for the new iPhone, which was to mark the 10th anniversary of the device, began about a week after the last range was released last year.  So when Apple confirmed 12th September for the launch, expectations reached a fever pitch, but did the new offerings deliver as we were treated to not one, but three new handsets?

  • iPhone 8/8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • Apple Watch Series 3


Apple Watch Series 3

This may come as a surprise, but for me, the biggest announcement/upgrade/release of the Apple Event was the Series 3 Apple Watch.  The market for wearables is hotting up as the smartwatch category slowly eats into both fitness trackers and entry-level analogue pieces.


New Features

The big inclusion this time out is LTE! That red dot on the crown dial helps identify the difference between the Series 3 GPS and Series 3 GPS + Cellular, as Apple call them.

With LTE, you can now leave your iPhone at home or hotel and still make/receive calls to your iPhone number via your watch.  You will always have data, there be able to stream music directly to the device and your wireless headphones (this will be made available later this year).


Like the new iPhone 8 and X models, the watch also benefits from a power boost thanks to the new S3 dual-core processor and W2 wireless chip.  Meaning this should be the fastest and smoothest interaction you have had with the Apple wearable compared to the two earlier series.

One surprising factor for me was the style remaining nearly identical to its predecessors.  With Smartwatches such as the Samsung Gear S3 breaking away from the usual and obvious touchscreen dial display, I’d hoped Apple may have changed the boxed display.  Yet, it has become somewhat of an iconic look that is easily identifiable.


The partnership with Nike continues in Series 3.

With built-in cellular, GPS and altimeter, Apple Watch Nike+ has all the features you need to take your run to the next level. You can even pair your watch wirelessly with compatible gym equipment. And it’s swimproof, so you can take a post-run dip in the pool.

The Series 3 is water-resistant to 50m.  Although not suitable for diving or watersports, you will be able to go for a swim and track it.  The LTE version comes with 16GB of storage for apps and music, while the standard version has 8GB.  The good news is that with all these upgrades, the battery life remains the same at up to 18 hours between charges; although that should be read as put it on charge at the end of every day!



As the Series 3 goes on sale there are price points for every wallet!

Starting at £329 for the entry level GPS only version with the Sports Band and moving up to £399 for the GPS + LTE model, again with the Sports Strap.  If you want something a little more fancy you can look at the Hermes LTE version, which starts at £1199 and goes up to £1399.

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