With a unique and eye-catching colour palette, the Away Aura Collection is designed to stand out and make a statement. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, the Aura Collection has got you covered with the Away features that make its cases so popular.

Away Aura Collection.  {Tech} for Travel.  https://techfortravel.co.uk
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Away Aura Collection

Away luggage has become incredibly popular among travellers due to its sleek and modern designs that are stylish and functional. Their luggage has optional built-in battery packs and a compression system to maximize packing space.

Travellers also have peace of mind knowing that any new purchase can be returned at any time within the first 100 days after the sale.

Previously Away has launched limited collections, such as the indulgent Y2K and the retro-styled Chalet.

Limited Edition Colours

Aura brings two new colourway options to a selection of Away cases and accessories.

Sunrise is a blend of light green and blues, while the Sunset colourway is a mix of orange, violet and pink; both are finished with a gloss finish to bring the colours to life.

  • Away Limited Edition Aura Collection
  • Away Limited Edition Aura Collection

As with most new collections, there’s rarely any new luggage, only limited edition colour schemes, and the same is true for Aura as it is only selectable on The Bigger Carry-On and The Large case.

Introducing two new soothing gradients from the Aura Collection: blue-green Sunrise and orange-violet-pink Sunset. So breathe in, chill
out, and get away.


Each of the accessories within the collection takes on a single colour from each colourway to better accompany the cases and includes the washbag, a set of four packing cubes for each option, a luggage tag & charm combination and the Sling Pack.

There are no changes to the specifications of any pieces included in the limited edition Aura Collection. However, they attract a different price point to the standard colour options.

The Bigger Carry-On in either Aura colour cannot have the optional battery pack included.

Away Aura Collection. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
Credit Away

Price //Away Aura Collection

This Limited Edition Aura Collection is available now at away.com with prices starting at $30/£25 for the accessories and up to $395/£345 for The Large suitcase.

Each of The Bigger Carry-On cases is priced at $315/£280.

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