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Regular readers will know I’m always keen to highlight the latest trends in Backpacks.  They tick a number of boxes for travellers, from commuting to business trips and on to gap year vacations.  Yet, only a few years ago they were just a bag, with zero features!

Today, we are spoilt for choice as technology and more focused designs have transformed the humble Backpack into multi functional, secure, smart and an adaptable tool for travellers.


Bobby Bizz from XD Design

I first covered XD Design last year when they released the Bobby.

This new offering tackles the age-old problem for Business travellers; Backpack or briefcase?  Luckily the team have managed to put both into one case, made it smart and very easy on the eye!





I know we should ignore stereotypes and how we believe we are expected to appear when on business, and our luggage/case/Backpack is the one item which can be very difficult to change.  Most people would only own one, maybe two Backpacks which are expected to cover every scenario!  The Bobby Bizz provides the functionality and ease of a Backpack, whilst managing to appear professional and smart as a briefcase, all in the one bag.





When in Backpack mode the Bizz has been designed to relieve some of the weight on your spine due to ergonomically designed strap system, spreading the weight evenly across your upper body.  Although, only a 10l storage area, once you have added a laptop, tablet, chargers and any other items, the weight can quickly add up!

The Bizz is meant for the modern-day, therefore built to carry your digital life, and the technology that creates it.  Whilst in Backpack mode the Bizz will open 45° leaving you enough room to slide out your laptop or tablet without anything falling out.

As part of the many security features on the Bizz there are no accessible zip compartments when the Bizz is worn as a Backpack, so you need not worry when it is on your back and commuting!





In the event you need to move from a Backpack to a more formal briefcase then the change with a Bizz is less than 30 seconds.  Un-clip the shoulder straps from the base of the bag, and feed them back down themselves on the inside of the back piece. Easy!  With the use of the side handle you now have a business briefcase you could use for any situation or meeting.




Unlike before when in Backpack mode, you can now open the Bizz fully to gain easy access to all the compartments inside, this is especially useful when making your way through Airport Security!  Also, when in this mode, you are able to drop the case over your suitcase handle thanks to the luggage strap integrated into the case.



As expected a new smart case in 2017 should come with an abundance of features and the Bizz has plenty!




Keeping your items safe and secure when travelling is an expected feature, but how about the Backpack itself? Thanks, in part, to the detachable straps and the Anti-Cut Steel Wire housed in the right strap, you can now secure the case as well.

Detach the strap from the base and wrap it around a desk/table leg and secure it and the zips using the integrated security lock.




Keeping your gadgets powered when on the go is important and although the Bizz does not come with a built-in power bank it does have a dedicated pouch and cable, enabling you to add your own.

I often complain about products that offer the feature but not the power bank to work with it, however it is the best of both worlds.  External battery packs come in different sizes, and therefore weights.  By providing the pouch and cable management XD Design leave it up to you on deciding the power pack and weight you are happy to carry!




Other characteristics of the Bizz include a padded laptop compartment which can handle up to a 15.6″ model.  A Water repellant outer to keep all your tech dry if you are caught in a downpour!

There is even a lightweight internal frame, hidden from view, which helps the Bizz maintain its shape and style while adding another layer of protection to your belongings.




The Bobby Bizz is currently €75 on Kickstarter, although this will increase slightly as more people purchase at the earlier pledge rates.  So don’t hang about!


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