News: Modobag – Checked Bag? Nope. Carry-On? Nope. Ride-On? Sure, Jump on!


We are currently in a “Golden Age” for carry-on luggage.  The innovation, in what most thought was a fairly restricted space, is amazing at present.

In the last 6 months I have covered offerings from Slick,  Nomatic, Oregami and Floatti with twice that amount waiting to be published in upcoming previews!  Each of the above have their own unique features that may appeal to some, and not so much to others.

This next case however….. it’s a bit different!


Ever had to make a flight connection at a major international airport?  Maybe followed the signs that point you in the right direction with a suggested walking time from where you are?  Then, after what feels like a 2 day hike and in need of a Sherpa, you arrive at your new gate wondering who thought that would be an acceptable distance for most to cover (LAX/MAD/FRA I’m looking at you!!).

Well, there is now an answer, and I CANNOT WAIT TO TEST IT!!


The tag line for the Modobag is “Changing the way the world travels” and they have certainly had a good go at achieving that, in this purpose-built rideable carry-on.

Firstly, there are two points that need to be addressed here.  Yes, motorised luggage has been done before, but they were never any good.  The designers just put small wheels on full-sized carry on luggage.  Here, the team at Modobag are very clear in the design that they were never going to offer a full sized case.  The aim was to retain around 85% of usable space, the rest allows for a proper frame, steering column and decent sized wheels.  This is a ride on scooter first, and a case second.  If it was the other way around, it would not achieve what it intended too.

Secondly, weight.  It was the first question that came to my mind and probably many others as well.  At present it currently comes in at 9.07kg, that’s 3 times heavier than my current carry-on.  This is not expected to be the final weight once they go in to production, but whether that number goes up or down, is still to be seen!  That said, none of my current luggage has had to be speed restricted to 8mph!!!


With the above said, what we have is a 20l carry-on that is strong enough to power up to 260lbs of person through an airport at 5mph (indoor speed) for around 8 miles!!  These numbers will vary slightly depending on the weight of the rider and the surface type.



Once Modobag becomes your travel companion life will never be the same. Now you’ll have shorter commutes, always know where your belongings are, never miss tight connections, always have a fully charged phone, and never sweat (literally) catching a connecting flight! Modobag can resolve all of these everyday scheduling speed bumps that lead to a horrible travel experience and remake your day into a smooth ride. Let Modobag change the way that you travel!

The bag itself, has quick stow pockets, for smaller items and one that can hold up to a 17 inch laptop.  This pocket has been design to be Crush proof!


The built-in battery pack has 2 USB ports to charge your tech, with one being a 3A fast charge port.  If your device charges via USB, Modobag can charge it for you.  An app will be available for your smartphone which will help you track your case via GPRS-GSM technology.  Although, information around this feature is a little thin at present.


If you’d prefer, you can pull out the telescopic handle and use it as a normal case, but that’s no fun!

Set out the foot pegs, adjust the speed setting for indoor or outdoors, jump on and off you go using the thumb throttle on the handle bars.


The batteries built into the case are compliant with the air travel regulations for the UN, TSA, FAA and IATA.  A full list of specifications are on the website but the important ones are:

  • Motor – Belt Driven, Maintenance-Free, High Torque 150 Watt Electric
  • Speed Control – Indoor and Outdoor Settings
  • Thumb Action Throttle
  • Range – 8 Miles (based on 180 lb rider)
  • 80% charge in 15 minutes
  • Dual Wheel Braking System
  • High Performance CNC-Machined, Sealed-Bearing Steering Column
  • Telescoping Aluminum Handlebar Assembly
  • 22″ Long X 9″ Wide X 14″ Tall
  • 2000 Cubic Inches Interior Stowing Capacity
  • Bag Weight – 19 lbs

The Modobag is currently on Indiegogo, the crowd funding website, where it has already been fully funded!

You can still purchase one at $1095, which is 26% of the full retail price and shipping is expected in May!

…… and if the team at Modobag are reading, LHR is my local airport and I am ready to test drive the wheels off that bag!!  All in the name of an unbiased review of course.

Tom Payne
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