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Gruv Gear Club Bag

If you’re unfamiliar with Gruv Gear, they design and produce, a range of products primarily for musicians. Alongside these, they have an innovative range of luggage for the “jetsetter’s lifestyle“. Whether that’s for work or pleasure, their Club Bag can be tailored to suit many different types of traveller!

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<em>Classic BlackOrange Club Bag Image Gruv Gear<em>


The Club Bag is divided into three main storage areas, two of which can be tailored to suit your requirements. On the top is what Gruv Gear call the Glove Box, below this is the Shelf-And-Draw area, and running the length of the bag is a laptop compartment.

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At the front on top, the Glove Box space opens out to reveal several pockets to the rear of the space and some mesh pouches on the opening door. On the overhanging top of the space is an Overhead clip to hang your headphones or sunglasses.

Underneath this, you will find the unique Shelf-and-Drawer system. With access from either side of the bag via the padded dual Locker Doors, the space can be configured to meet your needs.

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<em>The Bento style packing cases enforce organisation Image Gruv Gear<em>

The Club Bag comes with the Shelf fitted as standard but sadly the Bento style Mini Cases are optional extras. These mini-cases come in four different sizes allowing you to build up each shelf with as many compartments as you need.

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Attention to detail has been applied to the laptop/tablet pocket with an exclusive ScanFly™️ Tethered Laptop System! Purchase any 11/13/15″ Sliiv Tech Sleeve and attach it to the fixed system to ensure your laptop or tablet never take a tumble when passing through airport security.

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<em>A perfect companion for the organised traveller Image Gruv Gear<em>


I agree that this backpack might not be for everyone, but for those who might travel for technical jobs, or just prefer good organisation, then the Club Bag could be a perfect purchase!

  • Dimensions – 45.7 x 29.8 x 20.3cm
  • Weight – 2.7 Kgs
  • Colour Options – Classic Black/Orange, Elite Pewter/Crimson, Stealth Triple Black
  • Capacity – 20L
  • Customisable Storage Area
  • Quick Access Passport Pocket
  • Optional Tethered Laptop Compartment
  • 2 Year Warranty
Club Bag Launch Video // Media Gruv Gear.

How Much Does the Club Bag Cost?

The Gruv Gear Club Bag is $174.99 + shipping. You can also try the Amazon Global Store Front where Gruv Gear has a selection of their items for sale. For the UK, you can get the Club Bag for £171.15 + shipping.

If you love the design but need something a little bigger, check out the Gruv Gear Stadium Bag.

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<em>A quick release overhead strap for headphones or sunglasses Image Gruv Gear<em>
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Could the Club Bag serve your travel needs? Or would you prefer a large main compartment that just gives you space?

Personally, I’m a neat freak when it comes to packing! Just looking at the organizable options of the Club Bag is making me feel calmer, in the knowledge, everything will have its place!

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