Maybe RIMOWA knows something about the advancement of space travel that we don’t. As it has taken inspiration for its latest collection from Mars & Mercury, and the result is simply stunning.

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RIMOWA Mars & Mercury Collection

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The new collection comprises of two new colorways which have been added to several of the most popular cases from the RIMOWA range.

For this collection, there are no new cases in terms of sizes or features, but a vibrant Mars Orange and a very understated Mercury Grey. Both of which work well together as a mix ‘n’ match selection as the colours compliment each other or even as multiple pieces in the same colour.

Original Carry-On

The iconic RIMOWA Original Carry-On is the only case to get both colour options. At 35L of capacity, the aluminium case retains all of its storage and features but really does look great. I’d go as far as to say the Mercury Grey looks better than the plain aluminium grey if you’re in the market for that colour palette.

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From a price point, both appear to be new standard colour options and not a limited edition, which means they cost $1,080/£820.

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Need More Space?

If you are thinking about a set from the Mars & Mercury Collection the RIMOWA has given you something to think about. For the larger options each colour is only available in one case, and both are different.

If you favour Mars Orange then you will need to choose the 105L capacity Trunk Plus case. These have a narrower body than the standard check-in luggage but contain much more space thanks to nearly double the depth!

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Alternatively, if you prefer your luggage to have a more classic shape & style or the Mercury Grey colour, you will be looking at the Check-In L. This case is slightly smaller in storage than the trunk with 86L capacity, but both are suitable for between 10-14 days of travel.

Again, there are no new features on the larger cases only the striking new colour options.

The RIMOWA Mars & Mercury Collection Orange Aluminium Trunk Plus is $1,080/£1,380 and the Grey Aluminium Check-In L $1,400/£1,070.

All three case sizes are available now on

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