RiutBag+ is the Secure Backpack to Conquer 2020 & Beyond

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RiutBag+ (Plus) Secure Backpack

2020 has been a year of challenges for everyone, including many different rules & regulations on how we travel. The new RiutBag+ (plus) Secure Backpack has addressed some of these “new ways of living”.

With a strong focus on hygiene and maintaining a secure pack for travelling, RiutBag+ meets the needs of this new era whilst enabling you to carry your belongings and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

RiutBag has adapted and innovated secure travel backpacks for a number of years now, and just last year topped the 2019 Best Backpack in my Travel Gadgets Must Have list.

Secure backpack for COVID travel. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk.
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As with all other RiutBags before it, the Plus model is first and foremost a secure backpack. When being worn there are no accessible zip pockets for people to open; every opening is against your back.

What sets the Plus apart is the use of a waterproof, wipe-clean outer material to let you disinfect your backpack after every outing. Even the internal pockets are waterproof and easy to clean.

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My first designs helped reduce stress, fear of theft and actual theft with the backwards design.

I can’t make Covid-19 go away, but I can build a backpack with disinfectable materials which allows travellers to stop the spread, so they can move with confidence between work and home.

Sarah Giblin, RiutBag Designer

And to help you remember your face mask and hand sanitiser RiutBag now keeps both on the straps of the secure backpack for easier access.

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Grey but Safe

The new grey exterior colour might not be to everyone’s taste but the longer I’ve looked at the media pack, and the contrast against the bright orange interior, it’s starting to grow on me.

Remember, this is a backpack for substance, not just style. It is meant to serve a purpose and being a RiutBag, I’m sure the Plus will deliver!

The durable synthetic grey material is 100% waterproof and surrounded by water-resistant zippers so either disinfectant wipes or spray can be used to clean the RiutBag+ Secure Backpack.

waterproof Secure backpack for COVID safe travel. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
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Unmistakably RiutBag

Styling-wise, it is similar to last years expandable X35 backpack, but without the adjustable top compartment. But there is a difference!

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Finally…… the RiutBag name and logo are more prominent on the front and side of the pack.

I’ve always wanted RiutBags to be more identifiable for others to learn the name, so this is a worthy addition.

Secure & COVID Safe

Externally, being a secure backpack, there are no accessible pockets, but on either side of the RiutBag+ are two water bottle pouches.

On each strap is a new clip positioned to easily store your face mask when not in use and keep it to hand when it is needed.

And, to keep your sanitiser near by a small holster is on the lower section of the left shoulder strap. Here you can hang your own mini hand sanitiser bottle securely and use it as often as you need.

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Riut owners may notice the omission of the D-pocket at the base, which was the perfect size for passports and travel docs, along with the internal mesh divider.

It’s Also a Backpack

Looking beyond the easy clean surfaces and securely positioned opening, RiutBag+ has good specs for a backpack.

Inside the clamshell opening backpack is 20L of space, with two wipe-clean pockets for additional storage against the internal wall.

The laptop sleeve is padded and can hold a tablet or laptop up to 15″. A point to note here is that the R15.3 has a similar 15″ compartment but I can just get my 16″ MacBook Pro in.

Above the main compartment is a secure, but quick access pocket for smaller items.

Gear for iPhone 11


RiutBag+ Secure Bacpack
Dimensions (cm)50 x 34 x 14
Laptop Compartment (cm)39 x 27
Weight (g)1200g (TBC)
Colour OptionGrey/Orange
Laptop SupportedUp to 15″ models
Capacity (L)20
Internal Pockets2
External Pockets1
Water Bottle Holders2
AttachmentsHand Sanitiser Clip
Face Mask Clip
How Much does the RiutBag+ Secure Backpack Cost?

The good news here is that the RiutBag+ Secure Backpack will begin on Kickstarter, which means early buyers can benefit from discounted pricing.

During the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, the RiutBag+ will be £70-105 ($91-136).

The RRP price is £135/$175.

Alternatively, you can shop the entire Secure Backpack range at riut.co.uk.

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I’m not just a fan of RiutBag, but I am a proud owner too. My daily R15.3 secure Backpack quickly became my all-rounder and keeps my tech safe whichever city I’m travelling too.

Does the RiutBag+ (plus) Secure Backpack reassure you about travelling in the COVID-19 era?

Could you see the benefits of a more waterproof, durable and wipe clean backpack beyond this pandemic?

Comment below or join the conversation on Twitter.

Visit riut.co.uk for further information.

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