News: Incase ProConnected Roller Case


Power hungry connected travellers will be pleased to learn that Incase have just released their latest carry-on luggage.  It complies with the new rules laid out by most major US airlines around smart luggage, looks stunning and has enough power to load up your laptop!



Incase ProConnected Roller Case

At the back-end of 2017 many major airlines placed a ban on luggage that contained built-in battery packs due to the fire risks.  This caused a huge problem for the smart luggage market, and one that brands have had to adapt too pretty quickly!

This new roller from Incase is a Carry-On but it still meets the regulations required should it get gate checked during your travels!  Although I’d rather walk than let an airline put this case in the hold!!





The ProConnected Roller looks stunning thanks to the Woolenex material that is wrapped around the body of the bag and is Graphite in colour.  The top and bottom have hard-wearing plastic edges and bumpers to offer further protection beyond the tough fabric.


“Woolenex is a tightly knit, versatile material woven from two different thicknesses of polyester fiber. By leveraging fibers with varying diameters, we achieve a true, purpose-driven fabric. The result is an unrivaled balance of lightweight, durable textile with beautiful color depth. This unique blend also repels the elements and resists wear, tear and fade over extended periods of use.” ~ Incase.


The case opens up from the side, similar to a trunk or chest, has internal straps to keep items in place and a zipper compartment on the underside of the opening.  It is locked with a TSA approved zip locker on the outer edge and has 4 hubless 360° spinner wheels.  The wheels are removable for when space is at a premium in the overheads bins on an aircraft!




But what puts the smart in this smart case? At the top of the ProConnected case is a removable 20,100 mAh Power pack.  This has enough power to fully charge a MacBook.  Protecting the battery docking area is a top cover with a mesh pocket on the underside.  This is designed so you can attach a wireless charger inside the case and charger your device just by resting it on top!




There are 5 LEDs on the batter pack to indicate the remaining charge, or alternatively you can download the free smart phone app (Android | iOS) called Incase Smart.  Here you can pair your phone to the ProConnected roller and it will inform you of the Power left in your battery and keep an eye on it for you!  Should you forget your case or have someone try to steal it, the smart phone app will notify you.






The big concern for many Smart Luggage users is internal space.  Incase have not published what the storage capacity is (not that I can find anyway!).  The case itself easily meets carry-on sizes for all major airlines but appears to lose some storage at the top for the battery, and the base for a more solid support to the wheels.


  • Dimensions – 22 x 14 x 9 Inches
  • Battery – 20,100 mAh
  • Connections – 2 x USB-A & 1 x USB-C
  • Colour – Graphite



The Incase ProConnected 4-Wheel Hubless Roller is currently only available on the Incase North American site for $399.  For those of us outside of the US & Canada you can purchase the case but will have additional fees for shipping.

A test order shows $55 for shipping to the UK.  But do remember that International packages may be subject to the customs fees and import duties of the country to which you have your order shipped and you will be liable to pay these.


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