APP: Uber Introduces Express Pool.


Most Uber riders will be familiar with uberPOOL, the lowest rate ride, available in most cities where the company have a presence.  Now after a trail period in Boston and San Francisco, Uber have an even more cost-effective method for city travel, Express POOL!


Uber Express POOL

The original uberPOOL was a car share option where you could split the cost of an uber with other riders heading in the same direction.  Express POOL continues the car share ethos but adds two additional steps for a cheaper service!

When you first book an Express uber there will be a short wait time.  This allows the backend systems to work out the optimal route and pair you with the best suited ride.  Secondly, you will be required to walk a short distance to meet your driver.  Both of these result in a faster, and cheaper, POOL experience.

By assessing your location and the upcoming path of a POOL driver, the short pause allows the algorithm to plot a walkable route not only from your start point to pick up, but also from your drop off to your actual destination.  The app will provide walking directions for both ends of your ride.


This results in two ways you can save!  Firstly, by adding a short walk on either end of your ride means you spend less time in the car.  Then, by the drivers not having to take diversions, therefore a more direct route, you should spend less time in the car.

“In keeping with #3 of the Shared Mobility Principles, the future of transportation in cities includes a shift towards more space-efficient modes of transportation and away from personal car ownership. Express POOL, in combination with public transit, cycling, carsharing and more, can help us get towards this shift, and I’m extremely excited about the potential impact this product can have on cities.”  — Robin Chase, co-founder of Zipcar

As with most uber roll-outs, this new service will being in the US before spreading out to other cities.  Along with the pilots cities, today Feb 21st, Denver, Los Angeles and San Diego riders will all be able to access Express POOL.  Tomorrow will see Miami, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. will be added.


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