Another Conference Falls as IFA Berlin 2021 is Cancelled

It's the one most of the industry was holding out for as it was due to be in September, but sadly, IFA 2021 in Berlin has been cancelled.

RiutBag R15.4 is the New Generation of Secure Backpack Travel

RiutBag, the creators of the secure backwards backpack have just launched its new R15.4 pack, an evolution of the 2017 R15.3.

Are Bowers & Wilkins PI7 the Travel-Friendly Earbuds We Need?

Having only ever been a premium brand in the headphone space, Bowers & Wilkins has now entered the earbuds market with the PI7 and PI5 buds.

New TUMI Alpha Bravo 2-in-1 Backpacks are Green in More Ways than One

The four new TUMI Alpha Bravo Spruce 2-in-1 backpacks are made from recycled materials, functional, and are TUMI through and through.

CES returns to Las Vegas as a Hybrid Event for 2022

It's the news we were promised and has now been confirmed by the CTA that CES will return to an in-person event back in Las Vegas in 2022.

Review: Edifier TWS1 Pro Earbuds Deliver 42 Hrs Of Music For Under $50

Hands-On Review: The design is similar to other buds, but the new edifier TWS1 Pro earbuds will out-perform them all at this price range.

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