Indoor Sounds Made for the Great Outdoors with the New B&O Beosound Explore Portable Speaker

Bang & Olufsen is best known for its home speakers that often resemble a work of art. A few of them have been portable but only the Beosound A1 was designed for travel and now a second speaker, the Explore is helping us to take the B&O experience away from home.

Review: STM ChargeTree All-in-One Wireless Charger

Hands-On Review: The STM ChargeTree powers up your devices overnight and helps get around the hotels cutting back on power outlets.

RIMOWA x CHAOS Limited Edition Adds a Drop of Colour to the Iconic Cabin Case

A new collaboration has been announced between RIMOWA and London based luxury accessory brand Chaos resulting in two limited edition Cabin case styles, a whole range of accessories, and one of the best luggage harness I've seen.

Lenovo Go Accessories Offer Office Productivity on Business Trips

ThinkPad, the flagship laptop range from Lenovo, has long been the device of choice for road warriors and frequent business travellers. But as we face an uncertain new landscape on how work, and work travel, will look, Lenovo has launched a new sub-line called Go accessories.

Another Conference Falls as IFA Berlin 2021 is Cancelled

It's the one most of the industry was holding out for as it was due to be in September, but sadly, IFA 2021 in Berlin has been cancelled.

RiutBag R15.4 is the New Generation of Secure Backpack Travel

RiutBag, the creators of the secure backwards backpack have just launched its new R15.4 pack, an evolution of the 2017 R15.3.

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New Apple iPhone 13 & 13 Mini – Overview & Specifications

During its fall event, Apple released the iPhone 13 series, showcasing new Mini, standard, Pro and Pro max models to replace last year's model specifications.

Apple Unleashed Event Could Add M1X to 16″ MacBook Pro

For the second time in a month, Apple will be showing off some new tech. At the Apple Unleashed event which has just been announced, we are expecting new, more powerful MacBook Pro laptops and hopefully some new AirPods.

Bose Aims to Regain the Top Spot with its New QC45 Headphones

The ANC wireless headphones market for travellers is a competitive one in which Bose needs its new QC45 to make an impact. Long gone are the days where the QC25's were the standard headphone of choice for savvy travellers with Sony ruling the over-ear option for several years now, and with the continual improvement to in-ear buds, AirPods and the like are catching up.

Apple Reveal Watch Series 7 with Larger Always On Display

ere was plenty of expectation on Series 7 to deliver even more health monitors and benefits going into the Fall 2021 event, however, Apple instead addressed some minor points to reinforce the Watch as a desirable wearable for the coming years.