News: New Apple iPad 6th Gen (2018)


Last month, Apple used an education event in Chicago, to announce their 6th generation of the base model iPad.




Apple iPad 6th Gen (2018)

At present the Apple tablet range consists of the top end Pro series, the smaller Mini4 and the entry-level iPads.  This was set about last year when the Air models stopped, a new Pro was introduced and Apple simplified the iPad.  This was done to give users a clear distinction between the more expensive Pros and the iPad, which at the time also came with an attractive price tag.

So what have Apple done this time around to keep their device one step ahead of a fiercely competitive market? Well, they made it more like a Pro and even dropped the price again!!






New Features

Despite looking nearly identical to the 5th Gen iPad, this year Apple have improved the touch sensor within the display to now support the Apple Pencil!  This is a great inclusion to the entry model as it is one of the best features from the Pro series.

The reason for this is because the new model is targeting students and rightly so.  With storage getting cheaper and input devices, like the Pencil, getting smarter and more natural in use, a tablet as a learning device could be perfect.  Apple need to make further improvements to their parental control settings if this is to attract all ages, but this is a huge step in the right direction!

The 2018 model sticks to the 9.7″ screen format, the standard for all normal iPads before it and keeps it at arm’s length from the 10.5” & 12.9″ Pro models.  And this sets the trend for every other aspect of the device…. better than last years model in almost every way, yet far enough behind the Pros to justify their higher prices!




The inclusion of the A10 chipset, also found in the iPhone 7/7+, brings with it enough power to seamlessly deliver the iOS11 experience as Apple intended.  All the portability of a tablet but as much functionality as possible to rival the notebook market!

Thanks to iOS11 actions such as Multi-Tasking, are much more intuitive and now that Apple seem to have finally got this right, they have really done a good job and you will benefit from these on the 2018 model.




Anyone who is due a tablet upgrade will be delighted with this model.  Apple have gone to a great effort in making the entry model seem just like their Pro ones, just with a little less oomph!  But that is no bad thing.  Personally, I’d have liked to see the price come in sub £300 but it is Apple and you have to pay for that badge!


Even though, cosmetically, this model looks the same as earlier generations, the power and specifications are impressive

  • Colour Options – Silver/Space Grey/Gold
  • Storage Options – 32GB or 128GB
  • WiFi and WiFi + Cellular
  • 9.7″ Retina Multi-Touch Display
  • 8MP Main Rear Camera w/1080p HD Video Recording
  • Dual Speakers
  • Fingerprint Identity Sensor Home button
  • Up To 10 Hours Battery Life



The 6th Gen 2018 Apple iPad model starts at £319 for consumers and slightly less for schools.  In a welcome surprise Apple have even reduced the price of the Pencil by £10, now down to £89.

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