Best of 2017 Readers Eye: Serifos, Greece.


As the year comes to a close, all this week I will be looking back at some of the images shared with {Tech} for Travel by my readers and other bloggers.  To see all of the reader images that headed up the weekly round-ups during 2017, view them here.


Serifos, Greece.




The Greek island of Serifos is situated on the edge of where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean and was submitted by Mel from the BRB Travel Blog.


First Featured: November 12th, 2017.

Having been lucky enough to grow up with holidays along the Med, this photo reminds me of those childhood trips.  The different hues of blue drifting off to the horizon and the white-clad buildings, the only reprise from the relentless summer heat!

“This blog is for the wannabe nomads, for those that want to explore the world but have full-time jobs and real life responsibilities as paying rent and being stuck in daily commute to work.

For those that only have a few weeks of vacations per year, like me, and daydream about their next destination for summer holidays or about their next weekend getaway. It’s for those that wonder where to eat or where to grab a drink in Tokyo, Japan or in Vermont, USA. Traveler, I got you covered!

BRB Travel Blog is my cure to my serious case of wanderlust.” Mel.


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Serifos, Greece. {Tech} for Travel Best of 2017 Readers Eye Submissions.
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