This list of 6 Best Apple Accessory Brands will help you enhance, protect and increase the productivity from your iDevices. As Apple evolves its products astetics, 3rd party accessories are continually pushed to adapt, appeal as much as the devices they’re for and offer exceptional value for money.

6 Best Apple Accessory Brands

6. Satechi

Such is the performance of the Slim X1 Bluetooth keyboard from Satechi that it replaced my Apple Magic Keyboard in the office and came with me when I travel. But this performance can be seen across the entire Satechi range, where its products not only match the precision styling of Apple devices but often outshine them.

From AirPods up to iMac, Satechi has devices and solutions for the entire Apple range whilst travelling, including power & hubs, cables and card readers. The brilliant 3-in-1 Quatro Wireless Power Bank even made my Best Travel Tech list for 2021.

When you’re the type of Apple owner who refuses to use a case so you can admire the Apple design, you will appreciate Satechi!

5. PanzerGlass

Whether you own an iPhone or iPad, one of the best actions you can take for its longevity is to apply a screen protector, and there is none better than PanzerGlass.

During a product demo they gave me at CES a few years ago, I noted only one screen protector is in their box when most competitors give you two to even three. The PanzerGlass response was, “you’ll only need one”, and they were right!

4. Logitech

Unpopular opinion: Logitech does better travel peripherals than Apple, and since iPadOS 13, newer iPads now support mouse input which has only strengthened this view.

Logitech iPad cases have always offered a better keyboard experience, in my opinion, and better value for money over Apple’s own products. The new MX range includes Keys Mini keyboard for Mac, and the Anywhere 3 mouse (pictured) are perfect add-ons to convert your iPad into a workstation when travelling.

3. Zendure

We all need power for our devices when we’re on the move, and few brands offer as many portable power solutions as Zendure, and they have a charger for every occasion.

From the pocket-friendly SuperMini 5k for a single iPhone charge up to the phenomenal SuperTank Pro that can go almost unnoticed in your backpack yet can fully charge a 16″ MacBook Pro in just a matter of hours.

Frequent international travellers will want to check out the Zendure Passport Series of adaptors. They can replace the need to travel with multiple adapters, offer support for over 200 countries and come with auto-resetting fuses in case of late-night power cuts.

2. Twelve South

Have you ever stopped and thought, “I wish someone made something” for a need you have? Well that someone is Twelve South. And the beauty of this brand is that its solutions have you covered at home and on the move.

Every solution or case has been crafted, firstly, to work rather than just look great, which they do too. If you’re a MacBook traveller, the Twelve South BookBook CaddySack is the perfect tech pack for your charger and dongles.

1. Nomad Goods

If you’re a steadfast Apple devotee and frequent traveller, then Nomad Goods range of straps, cases, power solutions and cables are for you. Its recently launched AirTag options even blow Apple out of the water on design and desirability, not to mention more practical at a fraction of the price!

Thee flagship Horween brown leather selection has options from AirPods up to the 16” MacBook Pro notebook to give a uniform look across all of your Apple devicess. They also boast one of the best selections of Apple Watch straps outside of the Apple Store.

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