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As Black Friday 2023 rolls around, sifting through hundreds of deals to find the real gems isn’t easy. That’s where {Tech} for Travel comes in. We’re zeroing in on the best travel tech, luggage, and app deals up to and during Black Friday.

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Black Friday Deal! 50% Off for iPhone, iPad Access

Away Black Friday 2023 Event

There is no getting away from the fact Away suitcases are popular. Very popular. And for good reason: they are exceptional carry-on cases and can be found in the overhead bin of almost any commercial flight you take.

So when Away announces a sale, not only is it a big event, it usually means you need to act fast!

But Away likes to keep its loyal fan base on its toes with what each sale includes, and whilst they claim this Black Friday 2023 event to be its biggest sale ever, they are referring to what’s included, not the discount.

The first-ever Away sale in 2020 was arguably its most prominent, at least for Away travellers, as it offered an excellent 50% off some of its most popular pieces. 

The Black Friday 2021 sale was a close second with 40% off selected lines.

However, for Black Friday 2023, EVERY CASE and COLOURWAY IS INCLUDED at a more conservative 20% off.

Away Black Friday 2023.  {Tech} for Travel.
Credit Away

A Case & Style for Everyone

Of course, the big downside to any Away sale event is the popularity, and some items can sell out very quickly, so if this article is TL;DR, head over to the Away UK Site or US Site now to start saving.

When cases sell out during a sales event, the stock isn’t always replenished on the website until the period is over, so think quickly and act fast if you have an eye on one or more of the most in-demand cases.

  • Carry-On $295 $220 or £176
  • Bigger Carry-On $355 $236 or £188
  • The Medium $365 $276 or £220
  • Aluminium Carry-On $645 $500 or £400
  • Bigger Aluminum Carry-On $665 $516 or £412

But, as this event includes every case and colourway on the site, this could spread the load around and keep items in stock for longer. But not much!

The 20% discount extends beyond the celebrated polycarbonate hard shells, encompassing both the Flex and Aluminum suitcase ranges in the Black Friday 2023 sale.

Away Black Friday 2023.  {Tech} for Travel.
Credit Away

Where & When

The Away Black Friday 2023 Sales Event offers 20% off all suitcases and runs until 11:59 PM ET on November 27th or when supplies are exhausted.

This sale is available in-store, Away US, Away UK or Away Canada websites.

For more Black Friday 2023 deals, check out my Black Friday 2023 thread.

Black Friday Deal! 50% Off for iPhone, iPad Access
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