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Jabra Flash Sale

As deals go, this is a good one! The Jabra Flash Sale gives 40% off all True Wireless products for only 24 hours.

Jabra is a popular brand in the audio industry, known for its high-quality earbuds that cater to the needs of different uses.

Travellers, in particular, benefit from Jabra earbuds’ excellent audio performance on the go thanks to its advanced noise-cancelling technology, making them perfect for use in busy airports, train stations, or on long flights.

Additionally, their compact size and comfortable fit allow travellers to wear them for extended periods without experiencing any discomfort, making them an ideal choice for those needing earbuds on long trips.

Combine this with a 24-hour Flash Sale 40% OFF All Jabra True Wireless Products, and deals will be had!

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Where & When

On February 28th, a 24-hour sale will run across all new (not refurbished) True Wireless Earbuds only at jabra.com. There are a couple of terms and conditions for the sale period, including a maximum of five units per order.

With 40% off the RRP during the 24-hour flash sale period, Jabra’s Elite range of True Wireless earbuds will be:

At $116 off the flagship Elite 85t, which boasts Jabra’s Advanced Active Noise Cancellation™ and 11 levels of sound, each 3db apart, at just $173, it is the top offer.

However, if you’ve previously tried and given up on earbuds due to their fit or comfort, Jabra buds could be for you. I’ve sampled several of the range during tech events such as CES and IFA and have always found them to feel soft in the ear but still fit snuggly into the ear without falling loose.

The Jabra 24-hour 40% Off Flash Sale will be online at jabra.com on February 28th.

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Jabra - Freedom in Mobility
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