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Which is the Best Wireless Charger for Travel, the new Nomad Base One or the Base Station Mini. I’ve tested both and have warmed to the idea that travelling with a wireless pad makes sense, but which one belongs in your travel tech bag?

Base One v Base Station Mini// Best Wireless Charger for Travel

Some like to travel as light as possible, others enjoy a few comforts, and with a change in law forcing brands to adopt USB-C as standard, the need for fewer cables could soon be a reality. Still, wireless charging makes life just a little easier.

The new Nomad Base One and the Base Station Mini chargers are two of the best I’ve used recently, so I decided to do a side-by-side to help others who want to travel with a wireless charger.


This is the only feature where I feel the models are evenly matched, with both able to deliver 15W power when using the USB-C cables they ship with and the same 30W adapter (not included).

Using a new iPhone 13 Pro, the Base One and Station Mini take the phone from flat to full in 2 hours with like-for-like performances.

WINNER: It’s a draw!

Nomad Base Station Mini wireless charging pad for travel. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
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Magnetic v MagSafe

Both chargers support all Qi Wirelessly charged devices, even though the Base One has the Apple MagSafe puck on the charging surface.

Base Station Mini has a much more discrete and elegant leather pad but conceals a secret perk. Under the surface, some magnets align MagSafe compatible devices yet don’t interfere with those without.

This is the best of both worlds and makes the Mini more appealing to all, not just Apple users.

WINNER: Base Station Mini

  • Nomad Base One MagSafe charger
  • a black rectangular device with a white circle on it
  • a black square with a white circle on it next to a gray square
  • a phone and a wireless charger


As you can see, these wireless charging pads are each a work of art. Nomad hasn’t cut any corners in making them. Both offer the same charging, with only the Base One providing the whole MagSafe experience. But it’s the Base One Nomad want you to show off.

The thicker, weighted base and glass surface create the perfect home for that MagSafe puck and will look great no matter where it’s been placed.

WINNER: Base One

Best MagSafe wireless charger for Apple iPhone, Nomad Base One. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
<em>Designed to be seen Base One Image Tech for Travel<em>

Size & Weight

Where the beauty and build quality of the Base One ensured it won the Design category, the same factors make it lose out on size & weight. For travelling, the Base Station Mini is much lighter at just 230g. The leather pad, whilst soft and supple, is robust enough to withstand life on the move.

WINNER: Base Station Mini


We demand few features from a wireless charger other than to quickly and safely charge a device. The Base Station Mini not only matches the Base One with its magnetic alignment to see off MagSafe argument, but it does boast additional features. At the front is a pinhole-led charging light that dims itself at night thanks to the built-in light sensor.

WINNER: Base Station Mini

and the Winner is…

Base Station Mini!

I could argue the pros and cons of travelling with a wireless charger as a part of my tech kit, and ultimately it will come down to user preference.

If I’m on a short 1-2 night trip, I’ll rely on cables and a travel adapter. However, for more extended stays or for those business trips where my hotel room becomes an office, the Base Station Mini will be joining me.

But, with hotels increasingly cutting back on power outlets in rooms or just near the bed in general, I wonder how long it will be before chains start fabricating wireless pads into bedside tables for guests to use?

Best wireless charger for travelling with. Nomad Base Station Mini. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
<em>Base Station Mini Image Nomad | Tech for Travel<em>

Side by Side// Best Wireless Charger for Travel

Base One MagSafeBase Station Mini
97 x 97 x 19mmDimensions90 x 90 x 10mm
Colour OptionsBlack
Up to 15W PowerUp to 10W w/20W adapter
Up to 15W w/30W adapter
Qi wireless charging
FeaturesMagnetic alignment
Qi wireless charging
LED charging light w/ambient control
(sold separately) 30W adapter Requires20W adapter (sold separately)
30W adapter (sold separately)
Base One MagSafeHands-On ReviewBase Station Mini
Wireless charger
2m USB-C to USB-C cable
In the BoxWireless charger
1.5m USB-C to USB-C cable

Pricing// Best Wireless Charger for Travel

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  1. Too big to carry on a regular basis. I also don’t find that new hotels are cutting back on outlets it’s old hotels that didn’t have them near the bed to begin with. Most newer hotels have many more outlets and usb plugs as well. I enjoy wireless charging but I can get by with regular cords when traveling.

    • It most likely varies by the chain. I’ve found a few where the bed lamp is on a fixed power socket (unable to remove plug/special plug) with 2x USB ports on the lamp for charging. Personally, I try to avoid public USB ports due to Juice-Jacking. As wireless pads begin to get integrated into portable power packs, this is where most may start using wireless on the road.

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