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Nomad Base One Charger Review: A Touch of Luxury



Nomad Base One Charger Review – Everyone would want one, or more, in their home, and only those who enjoy a touch of luxury will travel with it.

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Nomad Base one charger review with magsafe. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
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Nomad Base One Charger Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Nomad Goods has just topped my best brands for “i” devices in 2022 and consistently outperforms Apple with their premium accessories.

The new Base Station One MagSafe charger continues Nomad’s reputation for eye-catching desirable design fused with practical technology.

Yet, at 515g, Base One might not be the first choice of charger for some travellers.

A couple of years ago, given a choice, I would have left it at home, but today, I have a different outlook on the tech I choose to travel with and how some of my device’s charge has changed.

Nomad Base One charger review. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
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Nomad Base One Charger Review// Features

Firstly, it’s crucial to understand Base One isn’t just for Apple devices. This is a MagSafe charger, AND it’s compatible with any Qi wirelessly charged device.

Base One comes in two colourways, Carbide or Silver, and delivers up to 15W of charging power. To achieve this, Base One has a very robust braided USB-C charging cable included but does not come with the 30W adapter (plug) needed.

The frame is constructed from a weighted metal with a thin, non-slip base that almost matches the metal colour on the Carbide version.

Base One has a thick glass surface on the top and is finished with the MagSafe white puck in the centre. At 97 x 97mm, the square-shaped charger has rounded corners and a single USB-C port on one edge.

Nomad Goods Base One charger with 2m USB-C cable. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
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A typical trait of a Nomad product; it looks great from every angle, even those not always on display!

Nomad Base One Charger Review// Power

How Base One performs for you will depend on several factors.

Firstly, the device you have and the power adapter you’ll use. Sadly, Base One doesn’t come with an adapter, which for the price, is going to be a sore point for some.

However, this is nothing new as Apple & Samsung have stopped including them in their much more expensive devices.

Nomad Base One Charger review. Best MagSafe charger for iPhone. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
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Nomad suggests a 30W USB-C adapter is best if you want the 15W MagSafe power, and I’ve reviewed plenty of adapters that are up to the task.


I used the Nomad 30W USB-C power adapter and an iPhone 13 Pro for this review and consistently achieved around 2 hours from flat to full with MagSafe.

That time doubled to over 4 hours on the standard Qi wireless charging with an iPhone 11 Pro.

Smaller devices such as earbuds that use Qi wireless charging are supported on the Base One charger but will not exceed the power they usually require for charging.

Nomad Base One Charger Review// Design

Base One is probably one of the most exquisite wireless chargers I’ve tested. The weighted metal base makes all the difference in design; and decides if you’d want to pack it or leave it at home.

I’m confident the glass top is robust enough to withstand life on the go, but the soft white rubber MagSafe puck will collect dirt no matter where you choose to use the Base one. So keep it clean!

Nomad Base One charger Review with 30w adapter not included. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
<em>Small but heavy adapter not included Image Tech for Travel<em>


Weight and price will decide when choosing to travel with Base One or not, but if you prefer luxury touches when travelling, you’ll struggle to find a finer wireless charger.

At home or in the office, Base One will stand out amongst all of your other devices for sure.

And, just because Base One has MagSafe, this is far from an Apple-only device thanks to the Qi wireless charging standard.

Many other brands are now onboard with Qi wireless charging for their smartphones and earbuds. Some even have the technology in their smartwatches!

For the price, I’d have liked either a 30W adapter included or, for the weight, an additional USB-C port to support cable charging or non-wirelessly charged devices.

Wherever you decide to use it, the Base One MagSafe charger is a beautifully crafted device you’ll be delighted you own.

Nomad Goods Base One Charger review with MagSafe. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
<em>MagSafe Qi wireless charging Image Nomad Goods<em>

Nomad Base One Charger Review// Specifications

Dimensions97 x 97 x 19mm
Colour OptionsCarbide | Silver
MaterialsMetal, Glass, Rubber
Charge SpeedUp to 15W
ProtocolsMFi MagSafe
QI Wireless Charging
In the BoxBase One Charger
2m USB-C cable

Nomad Base One Charger Review// Pricing

The new Nomad Base One Charger with MagSafe is $129 from nomadgoods.com.

And, if you like a good desktop wallpaper across your Apple devices, take a look at the free to download Nomad ones.

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Nomad Base One Charger Review - Everyone would want one, or more, in their home, and only those who enjoy a touch of luxury will travel with it.{Tech} for Travel. Nomad Base One Charger Review ★★★★ Nomad Goods has just topped my best brands for "i" devices...Nomad Base One Charger Review: A Touch of Luxury