Personalised carry-on cases offer even more benefits, allowing travellers to customise and optimise their packing experience. As a frequent traveller, having a reliable personalised carry-on case can make a huge difference in your travel.

With stricter baggage restrictions and the desire for convenience, optimising carry-on cases is essential. Personalised carry-on cases offer ways to make a case unique.

Discover the advantages of carrying on and customising your case, and travel with ease and style.

Personalised Carry-On Cases

6. Samsonite

Samsonite Lite-Box Alu starts from $750/£630

The 40L Lite-Box Alu is Sampsonites personalisation Carry-On case made from Aluminium, finished in Black or Silver colourways and can be paired with larger 71L & 91L sizes to create a set.

Four personalisation options are available on the Lite-Box Alu, including engraving the hardshell and embossing the side handle.


TUMI International Carry-On starts from $1,195/£950

Inside the TUMI Personalisation Shop, there is a wide range of cases to choose from, including the Continental Carry-On with 35L of space protected by an Aluminum hardshell and dual TSA locks.

TUMI offers a monogramming service that includes letters and emojis, allowing travellers to select the font and colour. There’s an embroidery service for US travellers shopping for Totes and Backpacks.

4. Horizn Studios

Horizn Studios M5 ID starts from $610/£520

Going beyond monogramming and luggage tags is HORIZNID. Firstly choose between the H5 Carry-On or the M5 Carry-On cases, then let your customising juices flow.

The online editor is one of the best I’ve used, and it lets travellers configure not just the shell but the handles and wheels too.

3. Rimowa

RIMOWA Cabin Carry-On starts from $1,475/£1,050

An aluminium Rimowa Cabin Carry-On is an iconic staple in the luggage world with its standout vertical grooves and polished smooth corner bumpers.

To truly make one your own, Rimowa offers a customisation service, including handles, wheels and luggage tags with various colours.

2. Globe-Trotter

Globe-Trotter Custom Carry-On starts from $2,695/£1,995

If you value individuality and refined elegance, the hand-crafted Custom Carry-On by Globe-Trotter is the perfect option. Its classic design and meticulously crafted leather detailing make it a work of art, but with the added Customise option, the case is elevated to the next level.

Choose from eleven unique components to tailor the Custom Carry-On for a genuinely personalised aesthetic that embodies your individual style.

1. Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano

Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano Spinner 53 starts from $1,162/£975

The Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano Customisation program offers a peerless level of luxury, delivering an exceptional personalisation experience for luggage.

With the aid of an online tool, customers can initiate a bespoke creation process encompassing a range of customisable features, such as colour schemes, accessories, protective casing, and personalised designs. For those desiring an in-person consultation, the option for an in-store meeting is also available.

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  1. Tom, i don’t know what you are smoking but I am not about to pay more for luggage than I pay for the airline tickets.

    • I can relate to that. Yet some people make a point of getting tacky designer cases with logos plastered all over them for an extortionate price just to board a Low-Cost Carrier $12 special and arrive 50 miles from the city they need to be in.

      • Yet, I don’t think we should be comparing ourselves to the last place team. If airline tickets cost what they should (prices inflated like cars) then more folks wouldn’t fly and we would not have the cattle calls of folks too cheap to carry on. Make tickets cost what they should, don’t charge for carryons or the first checked, and this problem goes away

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