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At the Apple event last week, there were a few new products announced along with the new iPhones. One of which was the successor to Apples first wearable.


Apple Watch Series 2

The new version has more of a focus on health and fitness with a range of new features, some felt were missing from the original.




The two most important updates; added GPS tracking and water-resistant!

A lack of GPS in the original was a big sticking point for some.  With it missing you would still need to keep your iPhone on you if you wanted to track a run or activity.  Now it can be left at home while the Watch picks up your stats.

If you are a keen swimmer the you’ll be glad to know the watch is now water-resistant to 50m under ISO standard 22810:2010. Although it is still not recommended for activities such as Scuba diving and some other water sports.




The GPS along with the Heart Rate Sensor both work with the Workout App,  which you can tailor to provide the info you need at the end of each workout.  There is also an Activity App to help track those day to day activities and capture each of those calories you burn.  There is also a Nike branded Apple Watch:

Motivation in motion. Pure and simple fun. Apple Watch Nike+ is the latest in a long-running partnership between two of the world’s most innovative brands. From leading-edge comfort to the way it connects you to your fellow runners through the Nike+ Run Club, it’s your perfect running partner — on your wrist.

It is the same as the standard Apple Watch Series 2 but with a unique selection of straps.




Although the launch event focused on health and fitness it is worth remembering how useful smartwatches like the Apple Watch are for travellers.

Some of the biggest brands in travel all have bespoke apps for the Apple Watch including TripAdvisor, Expedia, Orbitz and  Some hotels, such as the SPG chain have a Watch app that provides you keyless entry to your room, without the need of ever physically having to check in when you first arrive at your hotel!

Once the new Watch and WatchOS3 are launched and the dust settled, I will run a series of specific App reviews for both the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear S3.




The Apple Watch Series 2 is available for Pre order direct from Apple starting at £369 and will be released on 16th september.  Certain models are already showing 5-7 weeks delivery times!

If you prefer you can go for the new Ceramic version which starts at £1249.


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