There was plenty of expectation for the Apple Watch Series 7 to deliver even more health monitors and benefits going into the Fall 2021 event; however, Apple addressed some minor points to reinforce the Watch as a desirable wearable for the coming years.

New Apple Watch Series 7 Apple Fall Event 2021 specifications. {Tech} for Travel.
New Watch Series 7 // Image Apple.

Apple Watch Series 7

This launch isn’t the groundbreaking new Apple Watch most were hoping for. Instead, Apple has used Series 7 to address some of the minor drawbacks users have had and set itself up for the next few generations.

A new, more prominent display that will be easier to use is also more robust and resilient to dust and water ingress. Although very subtle, the casing style has been slightly softened and is finished in new colours for those who want a new look.

Finally, Apple has speeded up the charge time and is boasting 18 hours of use.

Apple Watch Series 7 comparison. {Tech} for Travel.
Watch 3, Watch 6, Watch 7 // Image Apple.

Bigger Display

Annoyingly, Apple is a little coy with the complete specification list on the Series 7 Watch, and the press release that accompanied the event doesn’t go into too many details. Even the Apple Website (when going to press for this article) doesn’t cover the Series 7.

They confirmed that the larger display is primarily due to the thinner bezel. Above is a side by side comparison of Series 3/6/7. Apple quietly notes that the overall case size has changed. In the Press Release, Apple stated, “The narrower borders allow the display to maximise screen area while minimally changing the watch’s dimensions.”

As a result, the new size options will be either 41 or 45mm. Series 5 & 6 were 40 or 44mm.

Looking at the side by side image, though, this increase does look minimal in size.

IP6X and WR50 rated against dust and water. The Apple Watch can now survive outdoors. {Tech} for Travel.
IP6X & WR50 rated // Image Apple.
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To protect the new display, Apple has redesigned the front panel crystal and increased its thickness by more than 50%, making it more resistant to cracking. However, how it will stand up to scratches and scuffs is still to be seen.

Apple says they have improved the Always-On functionality of Series 7, with the Retina display now 70% brighter than the previous Watch.

New style for Apple Watch Series 7 at Apple Fall event 2021. {tech} for Travel.
Designed to use up all available space // Image Apple.

Design & Styling

It is hard to see, but the design has changed with more rounded corners, which Apple claims give a slightly softer appearance. The screen also has a rounder finish and appears to continue the contours of the casing.

And the new seamlessly smooth looking case will come in a wider selection of colours.

For the Aluminium case, there will be five to choose from; Midnight, Starlight, Green, Blue and Product Red. There are three options for Stainless steel, which can be finished in Silver, Graphite or Gold. Finally, Natural or Space Black or the colour options for the Titanium casing.

The good news is that all current bands, Apple or third party, will work with Watch 7, and to mark the release, there’ll be new Nike and Hermès bands to choose from.

Other than the new USB-C Magnetic Fast Charger that will perform 33% quicker charges than the previous USB-A cable, there is little else to shout about, with the other changes happening in the software rather than the hardware.

New bigger display and Apple Watch Series 7 pricing is still reasonable. {Tech} for Travel.
Every task is easier on a bigger display // Image Apple.

WatchOS 8

Along with Watch 7, Apple previewed WatchOS 8, the next version of its wearable OS for Series 3 and above. It will push as an update from September 20th.

WatchOS 8 brings a range of new features, including Ultra Wideband support that will increase the number of ways you can use contactless payments and/or boarding passes. It will also enable Watch Series 6 and above to securely act as a car key. It would be great to see car hire companies work out a way to incorporate this technology into car hires.

As Watch 7 didn’t give us any new health sensors, WatchOS 8 will be adding some. There will be better sleep tracking capabilities, a new Mindfulness App replaces Breathe and will take that function and add it to a new type called Reflect.

Finally, Tai Chi and Pilates have added two new workouts and will work with the heart rate monitor. The complete list of new features for WatchOS 8 can be found here, along with details of the new always-on support for Maps on Watch.

Apple Watch Series 7 specifications. {Tech} for Travel.
A more resilient Watch for the outdoors // Image Apple.

Watch Series 7 Specifications

When going to press, Apple still hadn’t released the complete specification list for the Watch Series 7. This article will be updated alongside Series 6 as a comparison as soon as it does.

Apple Watch 7 Pricing

Apple Watch Series 7 will start at $399 and be launched later in autumn.

Tom Says…

As someone ready to upgrade his Series 5, I waited on the Series 7 launch event with bated breath to see what Apple would dish up. Whilst they have delivered all the small take it or leave it kind of upgrades I would have asked for before the event, there is not enough to make me want to upgrade.

There will be even fewer reasons for a Series 6 owner.

But this doesn’t bother me as I know now that the Series 8 will have that excellent big toughened display and will continue this trend, albeit a very slight trend, of slowly changing the styling and hopefully still being compatible with straps I already own.

If you’ve been getting by on a Series 3 or 4 Watch, seven does have enough to entice you if your older models are starting to slow down, and the $399 entry tag is still a perfect price point!

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