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With summer just around the corner and families heading off on their annual holidays, many parents will be facing the normal struggles of getting their kids away from the tablet screens and into the outdoors!

Step forward (excuse the pun!) Fitbit with a new activity tracker made for Kids!





Fitbit Ace Activity Tracker

When I say made for kids, I use the term loosely as the new Ace Activity Tracker bears a striking resemblance to the Fitbit Alta!  But what matters is if it works, engages children to become active and is rugged enough to keep up with them, then great!





Fitbit Ace Features

The purpose of the Ace is not the same as other activity trackers in the Fitbit range!  The Ace really is about just that, being active.  There is no calories burned data here, no designer accessories to be purchased and no SmartTrack technology to automatically identify a sport.

Instead Fitbit have created a tracker that looks just like Mom & Dads, interacts via competitions with other family members and awards them for reaching preset goals!  In short, it is something kids will love!

Aimed at children 8 years old and up, most of whom will not have their own smart phone, the Ace can sync with an adults Fitbit App (Android | Apple | Windows).  The app is where they can then see their goals, achievements, set targets and badges earned.  Just like most adult Fitbit devices!  Fitbit have also introduced ‘Parent View‘ where by you can set up a household account and all compete against each other.





Two useful inclusions for the Ace are the Reminder to Move function and Silent Alarm.  With the Reminder to Move function the Fitbit notifies your child when they have been stationary for a prolonged period of time.

The Silent Alarm is one of my favorite features of Fitbit devices.  Program your alarm/s via the app, and when the time is reached instead of an audible ring the tracker vibrates on your wrist!  It is a much better way to wake each morning.

The OLED Display will make it easy to read while outside and the IPX7 rating means the Ace is water-resistant and safe to keep on in the rain or shower.  Unfortunately it cannot be used for swimming which could be a bit of a miss for Fitbit, but some of their entry-level Adult devices are not suitable for swimming in either.




Unlike some of the activity rich adult versions, the Ace simply tracks steps, minutes active during the day and sleep duration.  Then it is on you to set appropriate targets and for your kids to reach each day!


Fitbit Ace Specifications

It’s a shame the Ace is not swimproof but there is still plenty of fun to be had with a household account this summer.  Getting outdoors and keeping active is now a game the kids could beat the parents at!

  • One Size Fits All (125 – 161 mm circumference)
  • Width – 15mm
  • 5 Day Battery Life
  • Charge Time – Up To 2 Hours
  • IPX7 Water-Resistant
  • 7 Day Data Memory
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Colour Options – Blue or Purple



How Much does the Fitbit Ace Cost?

The Fitbit Ace Activity Tracker for Kids is on sale now for £79.99 direct from Fitbit with free shipping.


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Fitbit Ace Launch Video




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