Hot on the heels of the Android Find My Device announcement, the Rolling Square AirCard Pro and a new tracker called AirThingy Pro have been announced!

Rolling Square AirCard Pro.  {Tech} for Travel.
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Rolling Square AirCard Pro

I have a huge soft spot for Rolling Square and am not ashamed to admit it. I visit their booths at CES and IFA tech shows each year, and next to their existing devices, they have prototypes on show, which demonstrate how committed they are to pushing the boundaries of what they can and will achieve.

Moreover, the team is always open to discussing all of the products on show, both from a design and technical point of view, making my time with them an enjoyable escape from the neverending showroom walkways of these massive events.

The AirCard was released last June. Using the Apple Find My network, AirCard gave travellers in the Apple ecosystem a viable alternative to AirTags in a much easier-to-use form factor. It went on to make my Best Travel Gadget Guide for 2023.

a person holding a wallet with credit cards in it. Rolling Square AirCard Pro.  {Tech} for Travel.
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The new Rolling Square AirCard Pro sets itself apart from its predecessor by addressing two absent features: power longevity and the small matter of the other billion or so non-iPhone-owning smartphone users with Android support.

Understandably, the latter makes the headlines, as the AirCard Pro now supports both of the world’s leading device ecosystems—Apple’s Find My network and Google’s Find My network. This is achievable thanks to the news that Google is now rolling out its own full-weight Find My Device network, which is on par with the Apple version.

There is a small catch, though.

This new feat isn’t achieved in one tracker but will be available in two different models, an AirCard Pro for iOS and another for Android users. The Apple FindMy Network version of the AirCard Pro boasts a sleek black finish, providing iOS users with a harmonious tracking experience that blends effortlessly with their devices and is similar in style to the original AirCard.

The Google FindMy Network version has an elegant white and silver design for Android owners and offers users the same intuitive tracking solution.

a group of cell phones with a qr code. Rolling Square AirCard Pro Android.  {Tech} for Travel.
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Tracking & Beyond

Aside from the big Google news, the weak link in the original AirCard was power. It didn’t have swappable batteries, wasn’t rechargeable and instead offered a 50% discount on your next AirCard when it ran flat! AirCard Pro now features a 230mAh wirelessly rechargeable battery.

Rolling Square says this new feature, which runs on the latest Bluetooth Low Energy Technology, will deliver around 14 months of use between charges with efficient power consumption.

The credit card-sized tracker, with dimensions of 85.6x54x2.2mm, is crafted from CNC machined aluminium and 9H tempered glass. This ensures the card is slim and robust while only weighing 19g.

Inside, the AirCard Pro is powered by a new Nordic Chipset and a louder 20mm speaker that will provide a louder audible signal to help locate lost items. And, if you are using the AirCard Pro in a purse or wallet, you’ll have further peace of mind knowing the tracker also boasts RFID-blocking technology.

a hand holding a key chain. Rolling Square AirThingy Pro Android.  {Tech} for Travel.
Credit Rolling Square

AirThingy Pro

The AirThingy Pro’s design philosophy centres around durability and practicality. Constructed from CNC Aluminum and ABS, it promises longevity even under rigorous daily use, which is its primary use case. This resilience is further enhanced by its IP68 rating, which offers water and dust resistance.

As a more multipurpose tracker, AirThingy Pro has an even louder alert system with dual 20mm speakers and an impressive 18-month lifespan. It is powered by two replaceable button batteries (CR2032) and supports both Apple and Android devices (a different model for each OS).

By providing options for both major smartphone ecosystems, Rolling Square ensures no user is left behind in pursuing security and peace of mind.


Rolling Square has committed to a market release in Q2 2024 for both devices. The retail price for the AirCard Pro is still to be confirmed, and the AirThingy Pro will be $29.

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