News: The Most Intelligent Winter Sports Tracker on the Market!


Following on from my 2017 Gadget guide for the slopes this season, this very smart Tracker deserved its very own post.

Trace for Snow

There are many, many trackers on the market today! Whether for finding your lost keys, keeping a log of your activity during the day or as data recorders for your sport.  All of them try to set themselves apart from the rest, usually resulting in just an aesthetic change between models with the tech, dare I say, remaining fairly similar across the brands!

Well Trace have a feature packed Sports Tracker for Snow sports that is a must have for any serious skier or snowboarder.


Firstly, it should be pointed out, you do not need your phone on whilst using Trace.  It has a 7 hour battery life from a single charge.  Once you are stationary or finished for the day, you can then sync the device with you phone using the free app (Android | iOS) to get all your data, thus saving those “delicate” phone batteries that never last as long as the manufacturing claims!!


The Trace comes with an adhesive mount which you fasten to your board or skis.  You can purchase additional mounts so the tracker can be used for different activities.

Once the mount is on, the Trace is fastened by twisting it into place, then turn it on and you are good to go! First time users will need to do an initial set up via the app.

This tracker is powerful!  The GPS is accurate to within a few inches and can determine the difference between runs and lift rides, which are then split out when you sync to the app.


See how you hit different features and track your progression over time with total airtime, max jump height, vertical distance, max speed, calories burned, max slope angle, ride time, and much more.

But the biggest feature by far is the ability to sync the Trace with your GoPro.  Why would you do this, I hear you ask?


The Trace will use the data it gathers during your session to know when you are on a run.  Download and open the App for Mac, it can then cut out the before and after video, saving you time in editing and give you the footage you want the most.  But, it gets better!!

The desktop App can then put your metrics over your video footage giving a great visual indication to those watching. It also does colour correction for you, because, well why not! It has already done everything else for you to creat a great video of your action.


The full list of functions:

  • Number of Runs
  • Interactive GPS Maps
  • Start Time
  • Vertical
  • Distance
  • Ride Time
  • Max Speed
  • Average Speed
  • Sustained Speed
  • Calories
  • Slope / Chairlift / Rest Time
  • Number of Jumps
  • Airtime
  • Air height
  • Jump distance

The Trace Sports Tracker are on sale direct from Trace for $199

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