Winter Sports Special 2017: Tech


As the European Ski/Snowboard season for 2017 starts, we review some of this years must have Tech, Luggage and Apps.

Best Winter Sport Tech for 2017

GoPro Hero Session

The action camera market is awash with many makes and models, but the GoPro session is still the best option for most of us wanting to capture our time on the slopes.


With a single push you can power on and start filming in 1080p while the wind reduction technology cuts out the unwanted sound of the air rushing past the mic.  The range of mounts and harnesses make it easier than ever to fasten any of the GoPro range to yourself or your kit.

You can pick up a Session from GoPro for £179.

PIQ Robot

If you are the competitive type or want to work on your style a bit more than the majority of the “casual” skiers, then the PIQ Robot is for you.


The device is placed into a strap which you then fasten around your boot.  Whilst out on the slopes, it will analyse your every move such as speed, transitions, angle of turns and more.

All this is fed back to the app for you to review and perfect your style or runs.  The app is community based, so you can connect with friends or others using the PIQ to compare and support.

The PIQ Robot is £169.

If you are a snowboarder, you might want to check out this alternative from Trace.

TomTom Adventurer with GPS Outdoor

The Adventurer is a purpose built outdoor smartwatch, ideal for the mountains this winter.  Set it to ski in the sports mode options and you get real time feedback on your route, including speed, decent and a GPS map of the path you took along the route.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 15.04.17.png

It also benefits from the usual features expected of a smartwatch these days, including heart rate monitor, water resistant, syncing not only with the TomTom app but also 3rd party apps such as Nike+ or Runkeeper, 10 hours of battery life and one button control.

The TomTom Adventurer with GPS Outdoor is £269.

Fospower Proactive Power Bank

If you are a heavy user of your gadgets, then there is every chance you will be out of battery before the day is over.  You will not want an overly heavy power pack to carry around all day, nor will you want one that is not up to the challenge of being out in the elements all day.


The Proactive from Fospower was made for outdoor use.  Being IP67 certified means a drop in the snow will not ruin it.  The rugged outer case will protect it from drops and the addition of an LED flashlight and compass will help if an emergency were to arise.

At 10200 mAh, it is not the highest capacity charger on the market, but you should only need a little pick me up during the day!  The standard 5v/2.1a USB output will work on all major smartphones, action cameras and wearables.

The Proactive 10200 mAh is £29 at Amazon.

TrackR Pixel

With the influx of bluetooth trackers to the market there is no reason to ever lose your items again.


TrackR have a great range of Bluetooth trackers for you to choose from, but for the best chance of finding your lost items in the snow, the Pixel is king!

It operates the same as most other units but with the added benefit of having an LED light on it, therefore helping you locate it visually along with the usual audible signal.  The Pixel also comes in 4 colours, so providing you avoid the Gray option you will be ok!

If you drop an item with the Pixel attached you can use the Smartphone (Android | iOS) to locate it.  If you are out of range it’s last known location will show, however if another user of TrackR goes within range of it the location will automatically be updated on your app map!

The TrackR Pixel is on pre order for $29.

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