News: FitBit Alta HR – Time to Raise your Heart Rate!



The Original Fitbit Alta, released about a year ago, was a slimmer & better looking (personal opinion!) than it’s bigger sibling at the time, the Charge.  However, it lacked any heart rate monitoring which is more of a standard these days for wearables.

Fitbit then gave some attention to the Charge range to give us the upgraded Charge2, and now the Alta range has been given some attention.

Fitbit Alta HR

Looking at the image below, current Alta owners will be hard pressed to pick out any kind of physical change.  But, as the name suggests this iteration of the Alta just sees the inclusion of a Heart rate monitor, which you can see on the underside of the device.




If you were hoping for any kind of major change, you will be disappointed, and with the starting price of £129/$149 will it be enough to have people upgrading now or waiting until they need too?  Although if you are currently on the look out for a new activity tracker or about to buy your first one, then the timing could not be better!!

Fitbit claim they had to design a new chip to enable them to bring HR to the Alta range.  The technology, Pure Pulse®, provides a continuous reading of your heart rate whilst you are wearing the Alta.


Your heart is at the center of everything you do. It keeps you moving and keeps you motivated. That’s why tracking it is so important—for your health, for your fitness and for every part of your personal journey. Everything starts with heart.


The continuous reading will assist you in reaching weight goals faster by gaining better calorie burning tracking data.  You will understand the difference between your resting and active heart rates to determine your fitness levels and even help you manage your stress levels.




The other addition to the Alta HR is more of a software tweak to improve the sleep tracking functionality, with the introduction of Sleep Stages.  Now you will be able to understand how much time you spend in the different stages of sleep; Light, Deep and Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep.

Now you can back up those claims about getting less sleep in hotel beds with hard data!!




The base models come in Black/Blue Gray/Fuchsia/Coral and can be Pre-ordered for £129.  There are 2 special edition models in Black gun-metal and Soft Pink which is 22k Rose Gold plated. Both are on Pre-order for £149.  All models are expected to be shipped in April.


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