Mother’s Day Specials: Staying Active, Never Looked so Good.


This year, why not ditch the flowers, chocolate and mildly humorous cards and treat your mum to something special.

I have hand-picked some items that are sure to impress!

Fitbit Alta HR

Just released, as I previewed last week, the Alta HR is Fitbits newest addition to their impressive range of activity trackers.


The updated Alta now comes with a heart rate scanner on the underside of the display.

The technology, Pure Pulse®, provides a continuous reading of your heart rate whilst you are wearing the Alta.  This can assist in reaching weight goals faster by gaining better calorie-burning tracking data.  By understanding the difference between your resting and active heart rates it will determine fitness levels and even help to manage your stress.

The Alta HR is customisable with additional bands and at present, the special edition Soft Pink 22k Rose Gold Plated Alta (pictured) is only £20 more than the base model at £149.

The Alta HR range starts from £129.

*****SPECIAL OFFER From Fitbit – As a Mother’s Day promotion they are offering free express shipping on all orders over £40, just select this option at checkout.*****

Misfit Ray

Although the Ray is a year or so older than most of this list, it is still very current!  Previewed here during CES in Jan 2016, the Misfit Ray is the only tracker here without a display.


Instead it has a series of multicoloured LED’s to demonstrate progress.  All the detailed analysis is held within the app on the synced smartphone.

What sets the Ray apart though, is not the lack of display, but the power and the fact it is water resistance.

Unlike other trackers that charge via a port hidden on the device, Misfit have gone for replaceable button cell batteries.  These will give around 4 months of continuous use, but more importantly, enables the Ray to be water-resistant to 50m.

So where most would remove their tracker ahead of a few lengths in the pool the Ray can remain on and track every last stroke.

There are also a wide range of different straps to suit personal choice and can also be worn as a necklace!

The Misfit Ray starts at £79.

Motiv Ring

If you are looking for something even more minimal and less obvious, Motiv won the CES 2017 Best of Innovation for Wearable Technologies award with their new take on what an activity tracker should be!


Amazingly, Motiv have managed to cram all of the tech from any wrist-worn sports tracker on the market……. into a ring! At 8mm wide by 2.5mm thick that is some achievement!

It even has a heart rate monitor and a battery life to match any normal USB charged larger alternative, at around 3-5 days of normal use!

Sadly, the Motiv Ring is only on Pre-order and will only ship to the US to begin with and it is only supported by iOS devices.  A worldwide roll out along with Android support is expected later in the year.

The Motiv Ring is $199 on Pre-order.

Samsung Gear Fit2

The Samsung is a little more than just a tracker, and blurs the lines between them and a sports watch.


With a large detailed display there is clear detailed feedback on your activity along with other relevant information the device thinks you may need.

The app is used for the full experience and is supported on both Android and iOS devices.

Unlike the others in this list the Fit2 has 4GB of on board storage.  This means you can leave your smartphone at home and still take your music with you for a run, and with handsets getting bigger each year, this is a big plus!

This is enhanced by the device also having GPS, so it can track the circuit you run without the need for your phone. Win win!!

The Samsung Gear Fit2 is £179.

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