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Caseborne iPhone Case Review: Rugged & Hard-Wearing Cases for Smartphones



Caseborne iPhone Case Review: These cases really live up to the expectation. They are tough, provide solid protection from drops and come with a reasonable price tag.

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Caseborne iPhone Case Review V-Series Black. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
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Caseborne iPhone Case Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“On a mission to make your phone indestructible!” is the slogan for Texas-based Caseborne creators ArmadilloTek, a young start-up company that, being from Texas, lives the outdoor life and wants to help your smartphone do the same, safely, with you.

And they’re doing a great job of putting their money where their mouth is; just check out the Caseborne Twitter stream.

Caseborne sent over its current line-up for the iPhone 13 Pro for review; however, they support most major brands/models.

Caseborne R-Series review. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
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Caseborne iPhone Case Review// Features

I tried out the V and the R series cases for the Apple iPhone 13 Pro.

There are different case ranges depending on your smartphone, and even if you don’t currently use an iPhone, hopefully, this review will give some idea of the quality of Caseborne.


The R-Series is an all-around bumper case. Each edge is made from flexible yet reassuringly thick rubber with cutouts for the mute switch, charging port and speakers.

At the rear is a polycarbonate plate that not only covers the entire back surface and is reinforced with an aluminium frame, all of which gives the R-series a drop test rating of up to 12ft.

Caseborne V-Series review for iPhone 13 Pro. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
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The R-Series comes in five different colour options.

On the front, there is no display cover. Instead, Caseborne has given the edges a 1.8mm rise over the screen surface, which offers a level of protection if you drop a phone face down.


This is where Caseborne cranks the volume up to 11. The V-Series case has been drop tested up to 21ft, and Caseborne says it “meets 4X Military drop-test standards MIL-STD 810G 516.6.

The V-Series is a two-piece case.

// Media Caseborne YouTube Channel.

Firstly a screen protecting the front cover is clipped onto the handset, followed by the rear cover with an integrated kickstand. The edges overlap to give a very secure fixing around your device.

Most of the protection comes from the back and side edges and not the screen protector, which is there primarily to save you from key or coin scratches when the phone is in your pocket.

I kept a fitted screen protector on the iPhone 13 Pro, and the V-Series case fitted over it.

Which is Best?

Both series are made to a very high standard, don’t feel cheap and showed no signs of falling apart or wear and tear during the review. But, for me, they meet different needs.

With the more secure V-Series, I would want to protect my iPhone when I’m hiking or participating in outdoor adventure sports.

Best Iphone case for travel. Caseborne V-Series R-Series. {tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
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Despite the kickstand being a helpful addition to watching movies during a flight, this case is more suited to an outdoorsy type traveller.

With the R-Series, Caseborne has delivered a daily case that hugs an iPhone perfectly, provides easy use of the side buttons and gives a good grip when in hand.

The raised edges give the display a suitable amount of protection whilst leaving enough space for a 3rd party screen protector to be fitted if required.

MagSafe Support

This was an area both series of cases could improve on.

With the Kickstand and added protection on the V-Series, both MagSafe and wireless charging don’t work. Neither of which are in that much demand if you’re away travelling outdoors anyway.

The R-series does support wireless charging but is not a MagSafe compatible case, which I hope the team will consider on its next generation of cases because I will be using them more often!

Caseborne iPhone case review for iPhone 13 Pro V-series. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
<em>V Series for iPhone 13 Pro Image Tech for Travel<em>
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Caseborne iPhone Case Review// Specifications

Varies by modelDimensionsVaries by model
Varies by modelWeightVaries by model
Colour OptionsBlack
NoScreen CoverYes. 360° protection
Hard polycarbonate
Soft rubber
Anodized aluminium metal
Raised screen edges
MaterialsShock-absorbant TPU
Thermal plastic hard shell
Reinforced corners
Dust-proof port cover
12ftMax. Drop Height21ft
NoIntegrated StandYes
NoMagSafe CompatibleNo
YesWireless ChargingNo
1-year premium warranty
60-day easy return policy
In the BoxCase
1-year premium warranty
60-day easy return policy

Caseborne iPhone Case Review// Pricing

Prices vary by style and the model of smartphone you have. Caseborne supports most top brands and their latest handsets and has an iPad Series.

Shop the entire range at getcaseborne.com or use the links to get to your handset.

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Caseborne iPhone Case Review: These cases really live up to the expectation. They are tough, provide solid protection from drops and come with a reasonable price tag.{Tech} for Travel Caseborne iPhone Case Review ★★★★ "On a mission to make your phone indestructible!" is the slogan for...Caseborne iPhone Case Review: Rugged & Hard-Wearing Cases for Smartphones