Don’t be put off by the price, as budget-friendly doesn’t always mean poor quality. The Edifier X3 Earbuds did everything they promised to deliver during the review and are a very good pair of wireless buds.

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Full review of the Edifier X3 Wireless Earbuds for Apple iPhone. {Tech} for Travel.
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Edifier X3 TWS Earbuds – $33/£32

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

In 2021 the True Wireless earbud market is going to get bigger and competitive as more smartphone and tablet brands follow Apple and start to ship devices without the, once included, headphones.

There’ll be many new brands stepping up and trying to get in on the action, but I think, it’ll be the more established names, such as Edifier, who will offer the best ‘bang for your buck’, when it comes to the entry-level buds.

Delivering a good sound on a budget is never an easy task!

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<em>Up to 24 hours playback with the Charging Case Image Tech for Travel<em>

Edifier X3 Features

These ultra-compact X3 earbuds and charging case from Edifier are possibly the smallest overall set I’ve had to review recently. The slim profile charging case delivers 3x charges to the buds and is pocket-friendly.

Inside, the X3 earbuds boast CVC 8.0 noise canceling, Bluetooth 5.0, touch only controls and easy pairing with any of your bluetooth devices.

The buds themselves are only slightly smaller than many other brands at the same price range but they do boast one fairly unique feature, the fit inside your ear. These X3 earbuds have an almost perfect fit with little to no movement, even when out for a run!

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X3 Audio Quality

With an 8mm driver, the Edifier X3 earbuds performed well during the review. Some earbuds at this price point have smaller, while others have slightly larger loudspeakers, but there’s no point having bigger if the whole package can’t deliver.

The X3 earbuds do this thanks to the great ergonomically shaped bud in your ear. This snug fit added to the 8mm drivers deliver a sound you can be happy with. There is no Active Noise-cancelling here so outside noise was noticeable but by no means did it ruin the listening experience.

At the top end of the volume scale, there was a little distortion but at that point, they are too loud for being worn anyway. And, if heavy bass is your thing, you may want to look elsewhere. But, for everything else, they are a really good pair of earbuds for the price and size.

CD quality Stereo sound is what they promise and deliver on!

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Earbuds Design & Styling

As I mentioned during the intro, the biggest impression the Edifier X3 Earbuds made on me during the review was there fit and clever ergonomic design. I’ve previously reviewed the Edifier TWS1 earbuds and although they are only slightly more expensive, with overall longer battery life, I think the X3’s have them beat!

The X3 buds come with three different sized rubber tips in the box so you can find your ideal fit. For me, the middle-sized was not only a perfect fit but made me swap out my current buds for the X3 when working out. And, with a hard plastic shell, they are easy to handle when you’re sweating or out in the rain.

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Each bud has an IP55 waterproof rating which means they are ok for use in the rain but shouldn’t be submerged in water. Both the magnetic connectors for charging and the small LED indicator light are both set back inside of the surface and are barely noticeable during day to day use.

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Power Performance

Edifier claimed the X3 earbuds can deliver 6 hours of playback on a full charge and they hit his easily during the review. With no ANC technology to drain the batteries and Bluetooth 5.0 providing a low power connection to my iPhone the X3’s kept on going for me.

The charging case has a further 18 hours of power or another 3 full charges for the earbuds. In practice, I was able to get nearly a full week of use from the X3 buds with just general use. This was 3-4 hours of audio playback and video calls each day and keeping the Earbuds in the charging case when I wasn’t using them!

Charging time for the case was around the 1.5 hours mark which is what Edifier claimed.

Edifier X3 Specifications

Edifier X3 TWS Earbuds
DimensionsBuds – 23 x 11 x 10mm
Case – 50 x 36 18mm
WeightBuds – 8g
Case – 25g
Both – 33g
Colour OptionsBlack | White
ControlsTouch Sensitive
Charge Time1.5 – 2 Hours
Playback Time6 (buds) + 18 (case) hours
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
Waterproof RatingIP55
In the BoxX3 Earbuds
Charging Case
Micro-USB Charge Cable
3x Ear Tips
PRICE$33 / £32

Where to Buy?

Edifier X3 earbuds are available on most Amazon stores priced at $33/£32.

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tech-review-edifier-x3-tws-earbudsI genuinely liked the Edifier X3 Earbuds, which endeared themselves to me during the review period. They are a really, really good pair of wireless buds. They are not great but never claimed to be! The sounds quality was better than I was expecting and the buds have been designed very well to sit inside your ear. I've tested much more expensive buds that don't fit as well. With such a slim, but sturdy case, delivering up to 24 hours of use, the X3 Wireless earbuds are a trusty travel companion.

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