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Anker SoundCore Nano Speaker

The rule of thumb, where speakers are concerned, tends to be the smaller they are, the worse they will sound.  So on removing the incredibly small SoundCore Nano from its packaging I was fearing the worst.  It really is tiny at just 2 x 2 Inches in size and 1 inch deep!  Then I paired and powered on the speaker – Wow!

With its minimalist looks, great sound and built-in speaker for voice calls this tiny speaker should be in every Business travellers case.  Whether to unwind to music at the end of the day or for hands free conference calls, it is a must have!



Sometimes, Bluetooth paring can get frustrating, not so with the Nano.  There is only one multifunction button, discretely hidden on the base.  Press it once to turn it on, if it is your first use, the speaker goes straight into pairing mode.  For future uses each time you turn it on the Nano will search for last known devices and if it cannot find them, it just goes back into pairing mode. Simple.

The speaker has Bluetooth 4.0 technology and can hold a connection for up to 33ft.  Any Audio device with Bluetooth connectivity can pair with the Nano, although not while it is already in use or connected to another device.  Just navigate to Bluetooth settings and scan for SoundCore Nano and pair.  The small Blue LED by the charging port goes solid blue when you have a connection, otherwise it flashes Blue to indicate pairing mode.

The battery usage time is quoted as 4 hours, but I managed to get a full day out of a single charge while jumping between calls and music playback.



There is no volume control on the Nano so all commands come from your Audio device.  The response time is near immediate with no noticeable delay with volume up/down or pause.  The same can be said for hands free-calling.  I used the SoundCore for a full day of calls, both 1 to 1 and conference, and it was faultless.  Again, functions such as mute/hold/ add participants all need to be controlled from your smartphone.

The main reason you would buy this speaker is for your music, and you will not be disappointed with the SoundCore Nano.  From the lowest setting on my iPhone all the way up to full volume the sound did not falter in the slightest.  Now, you are never going to use the Nano for a party, but in a hotel at the end of the day, this speaker will fill any room, suites included, with decent acoustics.  Alternatively, connect to your Laptop or tablet for better audio while watching a movie.



The build and finish of the Nano is of a premium standard for such a cheap price.  The big sound, tiny device Nano comes in four colour options with a single Aluminum alloy shell and a non slip rubber base.

  • Output 3W
  • 400mAh Battery (4-5 hours of use)
  • USB Charging
  • Dimensions – 2.1 x 2.1 x 1.3 inches
  • 82g Weight
  • Colour Options – Gold/Gray/Pink/Silver

In the box, the SoundCore Nano comes with a USB to Micro USB charge cable, and a Micro USB to Aux cable if your Audio device does not have Bluetooth technology.  There is also a small carry string you can attach if required.



For such a great speaker, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn the Nano starts at £10 for the Gray version and £11.99 for the Gold, Pink or Silver versions.  All four are Prime Eligible from Amazon.  There is no hardware differences between the models, just the colour.

In Summary

This should be a no brainer for business travellers who enjoy their music, audio books, movies or are constantly on the phone.  The sound is brilliant for such a small device, that you will not notice in your case as extra weight and it is so simple to use.  I finished reviewing it a week ago but I’m still using it every day!

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