The new Moto Tag may have a familiar shape for a tracker. It is the latest Android tracker designed for travellers and boasts some advanced features.

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Moto Tag Tracker

Travellers often face the challenge of keeping track of their valuables, from luggage to gadgets, and that’s where the new Moto Tag from Motorola comes in.

Motorola, part of the Lenovo family and a brand synonymous with innovation and reliability, has introduced the Moto Tag, an Android-compatible tracking device designed to ensure your belongings are always within reach.

With the recent Android Find My Device launch, travellers who prefer a Google-powered smartphone now have another option to secure their items using the new Moto Tag tracker.

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Features // Moto Tag

Motorola’s Moto Tag may share the same button design as an AirTag, which isn’t good as it means you’ll likely have to buy accessories to attach it to anything. Whilst awkward to attach to many devices, the compact and lightweight design makes it an unobtrusive addition to your Backpack, Cabin or Checked case.

However, it does have plenty of features the Apple tracker lacks.

This small but powerful device leverages Bluetooth 5.4 technology to provide accurate and reliable tracking up to 100m. Of course, it can be discovered for worldwide coverage by an Android device running OS9, or later anywhere in the world, thanks to the Google Find My network. Travellers with an Ultra Wideband-enabled smartphone can use the Moto Tag’s precision tracking power for pinpoint accuracy.

The device pairs effortlessly with compatible Android devices using Google Fast Pair. Once the device is on sale, the Moto Tag app will be available on the Google Play Store. It will allow users to manage their Moto Tags, including setting up alerts and volume control.

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Additionally, the Moto Tag has an IP67 waterproof rating and a replaceable CR2032 battery, which Motorola says will last around a year before needing to be replaced.

However, the familiar button design comes into its own as the Moto Tag doubles as a multifunctional button! A quick press can ring a mislaid smartphone if it is in range or even trigger the camera on compatible Moto devices.

Security is paramount for personal tracking devices. The Moto Tag includes encryption protocols that protect user data and ensure that only the device owner can track their items. It’s also compatible with automatic unknown tracker alerts across Android and iOS to help keep users safe from unwanted tracking. This feature aligns with Motorola’s commitment to user privacy and data security, making the Moto Tag a trustworthy choice for travellers.

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Specifications // Moto Tag

Feature Details
Dimensions 32 x 8mm
Weight 7.5g
Colour Options Starlight Blue
Jade Green
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.4
Ultra Wideband
Tracking Range Up to 400 feet
Battery Replaceable CR2032 battery
Performance Up to 1 year
Water Resistance IP67 rating
Global Coverage Android Find My
Compatibility Moto Tag App
Google Fast Pair
Google Find My
Security Encryption protocols included

Price // Moto Tag

The Moto Tag will be available in select markets in the coming months. Visit your local site to set up a notification of availability and pricing.

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  1. There are other non-Apple trackers that work like Airtags and are Android compatible. Tracker tags by Chipolo and Pebblebee are examples, and are available from Amazon for the same price range as Airtags.

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