APP: Google Maps, now with added uber!


Google have fast become my go to company for their multitude of travel apps, both mobile and desktop.  From the easy to use Flights in any browser to Maps, Translate and Trips on my handset, they have most points covered.

This past week, Google refined a previous update to their Maps app which just makes life that little bit easier!

A Fully Integrated uber!

Last year Google added a Ride service option to Google maps.  When you searched for directions between 2 points on the map, along with drive, transport and walking options, you would now get a fourth,  Ride.

It is this Ride option that has been updated and now provides a seamless integration with uber.  Although if you are in the US (and certain Asian countries) Lyft shows as another option.


On first use, you will need to enable uber to work on your Maps app.  Once this is done, whenever you search for directions and you select the Ride option, providing uber is in the area, you can have the full uber experience without leaving Google Maps.

We’re also trying out a new integration that lets you book, complete and pay for an Uber ride without ever leaving Google Maps—even if you don’t have the Uber app installed on your device. Once you sign into your existing Uber account (or create one), you can book an Uber ride, track your driver on the map, and connect with your driver—all from within the Google Maps app.

You can remain in the app even after you have booked your uber.  Either to track your trip, research your destination, pay for your journey and even confirm where to send your receipt!

This update is now live on both Android and iOS Google Map apps.  You can watch the demo video on Youtube.

You can read my review of uber,  sign up to uber using this link to support the site, or sign up normally on

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