As COVID-19 all but shut down travel for most of us in 2020, brands were quick to react and give a little respite to travellers who couldn’t make use of certain memberships. One of those was TripIt which opened up its premium services to all for free last year, and now they’ve offered a free extension to some Pro members of the App for 2021.

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TripIt Pro Extension

If you’re a Pro member of TripIt you could shortly be receiving an email from them advising that due to the ongoing global pandemic your account will be extended, for FREE!

I would expect this may not be for all Pro members. Instead, those with accounts expiring in the first quarter/half of 2021 are probably being targeted, to begin with.

The extension is automatic and added to your membership year. The notification informs you on how to check and understand when your next billing will occur.

Last year, TripIt opened up the Pro features to everyone for 6 months. This was to help anyone trying to travel as COVID shut down the airline industry, almost overnight.

The notice in full:

“Last year we automatically extended your TripIt Pro subscription as part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we begin a new year, we want to continue our commitment to helping you navigate the ever-evolving impacts that COVID-19 is having on travel. We have extended your TripIt Pro subscription for an additional 6 months at no cost to you.

To find the new expiration date of your TripIt Pro subscription, visit the Billing Information page on in your account.” TripIt Team

Travel Assistant

TripIt Pro is an all-in-one travel assistant for frequent travellers. There’s a free version that anyone can download however, the Pro has plenty of additional features for the $49 per year membership.

The Pro tools include real-time flight alerts, alternative flight finder, security wait times and country specific travel information. This is a good gesture from TripIt to its Pro members, and a free extension is a ~$25 saving!

Download TripIt

You can download TripIt on Android or Apple app stores.

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