APP: Uber Adds In-App Tipping to UK Market.


In June, Uber announced an initiative billed as ’80 Days of Change’.  This was set in place to improve the working conditions of the people who drive for them.  Shortly after, the first big change was noted where in-app tipping was set live as of July 6th, but just in the US Market, with others expected to follow!

As of Tuesday 15th August this, and other new features are live for UK rides.


In-App Tipping

It still to be seen how, and if, the preset tipping amounts will be set.  In the US you can select from $1, $2, $5 or a custom amount.  A best guess is the UK will be the same.  How this will fair for the drivers is still to be seen.  The UK does not have the biggest of tipping cultures.

The key point for regular Uber riders, is how does this affect their rating?  In the US the driver had to provide you with a rating before they could accept their next fare!  Where as the rider had up to 30 days to offer a tip for the journey taken.  Which is a good system to implement.

This is not an additional revenue flow for Uber, 100% of the tip will go to the driver, this will include UberEATS.


Other Changes

There were a number of smaller changes, or tweaks, to current rules around the hiring of an Uber.

  • A driver can now inform Uber of a place/location they need to be near at a certain time, for example their home address for the end of their shift.  The Uber system will then try to assign rides in this area.
  • The time, you as a rider have, to cancel an Uber after booking it will be reduced from 5 to 2 minutes.  Now, cancelling an Uber after only 2 minutes will result n the normal £5 cancellation fee.
  • Waiting times will now cost the rider.  The first two minutes are free of charge, then it will be 20pence for every minute after.  It will be more for Lux, Exec and XL rides.

You will need the latest version of the Uber App.

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