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After a busy September that saw not one but three new iPhones be released, Apple are back for their Fall event.

The 2018 Apple Fall Event Logo.
The 2018 Apple Fall Event Logo Image Apple

Apple Fall Event 2018

2018 has been a pretty good year for Apple fans with hardware and software upgrades throughout the year.  From the new 2018 iPad in March, software upgrades across the board during the WWDC’18 in June and then the latest iPhones in September.

Just in time for the holiday season, they have one more event for us to indulge in!  The expectation this time is mostly on new Mac’s, not so travel tech friendly I know, but they never just have the one announcement.

We will most likely see an all new iPad Pro line up!  I reviewed the 2017 2nd Generation iPad Pro 12.9″ and felt it had a real chance of replacing the laptop for certain users!

2017 2nd Gen iPad Pro 12.9".
2017 2nd Gen iPad Pro Image Tech for Travel

Any new iPad Pro will need to build on this premium tablet name tag and give laptop users a real reason to move to a tablet only world!  Suggestions so far point to the 3rd Gen model adopting USB-C for charging and data transfers, and the possibility of thinning down the bezel.

My biggest concern on iPad Pros are the lack of accessories Apple ship with them, and by lack I mean none!  This is not a bash at Apple, Microsoft are guilty as well.  For most consumers these are expensive investments, more so for travellers who are on the go or transiting through airport security!  A simple case should be included to give at least some basic protection.  Look at what Lenovo have done with the Miix 630!

A modified Apple Logo ahead of the 2018 Fall event.
A modified Apple Logo ahead of the 2018 Fall event Image Apple

Regardless, if you are in the market for a new iPad, it is worth your while holding off until Tuesday 30th October when Apple will open their Fall event at 10am Eastern.  This time Apple will be hosting their event in Brooklyn, NYC, instead of their HQ.

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  1. I’m still perplexed about newer Macbook Pros not having a USB (I use USB and HDMI a lot). Also wish phones would stop increasing in size as my little paws can only manage the size of the SE!

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