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CES 2023 News: Nuwa Pen

There is one piece of technology I wish was easy to use, but no matter how much I try, using a stylus on a tablet never results in legible handwritten notes for me. The harder I try, the worse my words look, to the point where I even struggle to figure out what they are when I refer back to them.

Although I prefer taking notes on my mobile, thanks to years of Blackberry use, it often feels rude to tap away during a meeting or media interview. Could the Nuwa Pen be the answer?

CES News 2023: Nuwa Pen.  {Tech} for Travel.

Nuwa Pen is a smart pen packed with technology designed to digitise notes on the go. No matter what type of paper you write on, as long as the ink comes out from the nib, the Nuwa pen will be able to read your writing, convert it into digital form and store it until you sync it to your smartphone device.

Note-takers will not have to worry about the quality of their handwriting or doodles, as long as ink comes out of the cartridge. The camera system is the defining feature of Nuwa Pen and sets it apart from any other digital handwriting solution, because you don’t need a special surface. Nuwa Pen records while you write, on any paper.

Nuwa Pen

Camera System

Nuwa Pen can record handwriting on any paper surface where the ink will stick, thanks to its Trident Camera system. An array of three camera lenses housed around the nib detect writing using infrared light, even in low light conditions.

CES 2023 News Nuwa Pen.  {Tech} for Travel.
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There is 2GB of onboard storage and an Arm Cortex M4 processor inside the Nuwa Pen, so hand-written notes are captured, processed and securely stored using Robust SecureSPOT technology.

The Nuwa pen is only available for preorder until its release in August 2023. At this time, an App will be released to support the pen and will provide access to your digital notes via a Bluetooth connection. Nuwa Pen says, “The accompanying app will show an overview of your notes, arranged by the note-book they belong to”.

The ink cartridge is a standard D1 type purchased from most standard stationary retailers, a local Amazon store or direct from Nuwa Pen. So as and when it does run out, it is easily replaceable.

Power is provided by a 100mAh internal battery that will deliver around 2 hours of writing. The Nuwa Pen will come with a storage and charging case that will fully charge the pen using a USB-C connection in just 15 minutes.

CES News 2023: Nuwa Pen digital note taking.  {Tech} for Travel.
Image Nuwa Pen
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Nuwa Pen Specifications

Dimensions150 x 10.75mm
Colour OptionsEbony Black
Ivory White
ProcessorArm Cortex M4
ChargingUSB-C Charging Case
15 min Flat to Full
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.1
Storage2GB onboard
Unlimited Encrypted Cloud
App SupportYes
Not launched at the time of publishing
In the BoxNuwa Pen
Charging case
USB-C to USB-C cable
One-year Nuwa+ subscription
Instruction manual
1x D1 ink cartridges

Nuwa Pen Pricing

The Nuwa Pen is due to be released in August 2023. At the time of going to press, the Nuwa Pen is available for preorder at a discounted price of just $179/€179, normally $279/€279.

Once launched, Nuwa Pen will offer an optional monthly subscription service of $2.99/€2.99. The service, called Nuwa Pen+, will include word-to-text conversion, Augmented Notes for rich text and the ability to export your notes in PDF or SVG files to 3rd party apps.

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