In its second event of the year, the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Summer 2024 promises a BIG announcement, but with its flagship Galaxy S24 already launched, what could it be?

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Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Summer 2024

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked events have become a cornerstone in the tech industry. They mark the moments when Samsung showcases its latest innovations and sets new standards in mobile technology.

At the start of the year, the first Unpacked of 2024 saw the latest Galaxy S24 handsets revealed and announced the beginning of Samsung’s mobile AI journey.

These launches have a reputation for becoming must-watch events for tech enthusiasts worldwide and, more importantly, anyone about to purchase a new smartphone, Smart Watch, or earbuds.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Summer 2024 promises to be no different, with anticipation building around the latest announcements.

The event will centre around the theme “Galaxy AI is Here,” indicating a further leap towards integrating artificial intelligence more deeply into Samsung’s ecosystem. This move will likely improve user interaction and device capabilities for whatever the South Korean company releases on the day.

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Another area where Samsung will likely focus is AI in connectivity and performance. With the increasing demand for seamless and intelligent connectivity, future devices might feature AI-driven network optimization, ensuring faster and more reliable connections.

Additionally, AI could improve battery management by learning user habits to extend battery life and enhance overall device efficiency.

But what devices could all of this goodness be applied to?

With the Galaxy S24 already released, Samsung has its flagship smartphone. Upgrades to its Foldable devices, the ZFold, ZFlip, or both, currently in the Fifth generation, could also occur.

IF, and I hope they are, the rumours and leaked images are accurate, Samsung could be ready to launch a new SmartWatch to rival the Apple Watch Ultra 2. This could also push a more minor update to the Galaxy Watch series.

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The buzz about a Samsung Ring is still around. With tech events such as IFA in Berlin, which starts again in September, an event that Samsung always has a massive presence at to showcase its latest home and lifestyle tech, now would be a great time to launch the Ring.

This move would surely fit Samsung’s commitment to health technology and personalized health insights, advanced fitness tracking, and possibly AI integration to provide more accurate and actionable data across multiple devices.

Where & When

The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Summer 2024 event will occur on July 10, 2024, in Paris, France, at 3 p.m. CET. It will be livestreamed on and the Samsung YouTube Channel.

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