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Pebble Flow Electric RV

The future of recreational travel embraces sustainability and technological innovation embodied by the recently unveiled Pebble Flow. This all-electric travel trailer promises an iPhone-like ease of use for the RVing community.

Pebble, the California-based startup, has made a bold entrance into the RV market with the Pebble Flow. Intended to redefine the RV experience, the company is championing the shift toward a more effortless and accessible way of life on the road.

The electric travel trailer is meant to embody a new paradigm in RV design, blending autonomy, renewable energy, and smart technology to eliminate the traditional complexities of RVing.

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Pebble Flow’s design ethos, which echoes the intuitive functionality of an iPhone, is set to make RVing appealing even to those who have never considered it before.

Key Features of the Pebble Flow

At the heart of the Pebble Flow is its 100% electric nature, powered by a 45 kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, renowned for its safety and reliability.

With universal charging options, including solar and regenerative charging, the trailer ensures that users can stay off-grid for up to a week.

Including an integrated 1kW solar panel adds to its self-sufficiency, constantly replenishing its power supply.

The Pebble Flow isn’t just about power; it’s about simplifying the RVing experience. Its dual-motor Active Propulsion Assist System transforms towing into a safe, stress-free task.

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Features like the Magic Hitch and InstaCamp system automate the most challenging aspects of RV setup and breakdown. The Pebble app, acting as a digital companion, puts control of these features at the user’s fingertips, making the operation as straightforward as operating a smartphone.

The Pebble Flow is self-propelled, providing just the right amount of power required to assist the tow vehicle, removing the range anxiety common with EV towing. With the inclusion of other intelligence features, Pebble is automating the hardest parts of RVing. As the most technically advanced travel trailer on the market developed by Apple, Tesla, Cruise, Zoox and Volvo veterans, the Pebble Flow aims to bring the ease of use of an iPhone to the RVing experience.


The design of the Pebble Flow caters to the modern digital nomad. With flexible interior configurations, such as the Room Flip feature that transforms a sleeping area into a workspace, the trailer supports a lifestyle that doesn’t compromise work for wanderlust. The aerodynamic silhouette enhances the visual appeal and contributes to better mileage and safer towing.

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Pricing and Availability

The Pebble Flow is priced at $109,000 for the standard model, which includes the advanced aerodynamic design, a robust 45 kWh EV battery, and modern construction that sets a new standard in the RV industry.

The Magic Pack is available at $125,000 for the full suite of features, offering additional amenities like the Remote Control, Magic Hitch, and Easy Tow, all designed to provide an unparalleled RVing experience.

Pre-orders are now open for those eager to be at the forefront of this RV revolution, with deliveries expected by the end of 2024. Interested buyers can visit Pebble’s website to secure their Pebble Flow and join a community of like-minded enthusiasts eager to partake in this innovative approach to travel.

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