Father’s Day Special: CHJGD Power


Whether your dad travels for work, pleasure or both, a great piece of luggage or the next big gadgets will always be a welcome gift.  Over the following weeks I will be covering some of the best devices for your Dad this year!

Power to Papa

If you have woken up this morning, remembered it is Father’s Day tomorrow and then realised you still need to find your Dad that perfect gift, well fear not, as CHJGD has got you covered!

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Charged Power, or CHJGD, have a great range of portable chargers to suit every taste and need.  From the personal Power Stick Range right up to the “Off the Grid for the Weekend” Magnum Opus power houses and everything in between!  They are even racking up the recognition as continually being ranked as some of the best power products on the market.

It is one of the biggest issues in todays digital society, battery drain.  More than ever we rely on our tech, yet they are all limited on use due to power.  So gifting your Dad a suitable CHJGD Power Pack this Father’s Day will put you in the good books every time he uses it.

As luck would have it CHJGD have a couple of suitably designed Power Packs that will be perfect for Dad tomorrow.


The 10,000mAh, Ferrari inspired, Ultra Compact power bank is billed as the smallest pack on the market for this power range!  The surface area is just a fraction bigger than a credit card!!  The depth is 19mm in thickness, but this will easily fit in a trouser pocket, it is that small.  It has a single USB port to charge virtually any device via the 2.1A outlet, which will deliver a faster charge than most 1A packs.  There is no Quick Charge 3.0 on this model, but at this range, it is not a big loss.

If cars are not Dads thing, then how about music?  By the time this article goes to press, I should be recovering from bouncing around London Stadium with 80,000 Forty-somethings (editors note: I’m not one of the 40+ crowd just yet!) relieving their youth thanks to Guns N’ Roses!

The majority of that crowd would not have brought their first Gn’R album on download, nor mini disk, not even a CD, but a cassette tape.  So with that in mind CHJGD have mastered a 6,000mAh power pack into one, and even packaged it into an original cassette case.

The Kaset range are a series of Music inspired power banks that cover each music genre I’d associate with the 80s when the Cassette was at its most prominent.


Despite being a bigger physical pack than the 10,000 above, the Kaset does come with 2 USB ports and an additional lightning port.

Act Fast

The real bonus for you last-minute Father’s Day gift buyers is that CHJGD use Amazon as a shop front, are Prime eligible (for a Sunday delivery) and even as of Saturday Lunchtime (UK) they have same day delivery (but act quick before it times out)!!!

Search Amazon for “Charged Power” or “CHJGD” for the full range and delivery options this weekend!

*A full detailed review on both ranges will be coming up in the next week or two.

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    • The Ultra compact really is that small and carries the weight well!

      Already have a few solar related power solutions on the site.

      //techfortravel.wpengine.com/?s=biolite&submit=Search or search for BioLite

      //techfortravel.wpengine.com/?s=lifepower&submit=Search or search for Lifepower

      …. And Yes, G N’ R need to tour some more ????

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