Father’s Day Special: MYNE Card National Gallery Edition


Whether your dad travels for work, pleasure or both, a great piece of luggage or the next big gadgets will always be a welcome gift.  Over the following weeks I will be covering some of the best devices for your Dad this year!

Protection for Dads Wallet

Whether requested or not, that new debit or credit card in your Dads wallet will most likely have contactless technology.  This technology permits payments of various amounts around the world (£30 or less in the UK) when in close physical proximity to compatible Point of Sale terminals (card readers) without the need for a PIN code.

With new technologies, come new ways for some to abuse it!  As it’s just a tap between the card and the reader, and with the introduction of wireless readers, it has become easy for thieves to initiate unauthorised transaction.

There is, however, a security guard for you and your Dads cards to help prevent these acts of fraud!


Myne Cards are designed to block the RFID signal from the card readers, protecting your cards when not in use.  They do not need any care or attention and there are no batteries to charge.  Just keep it in a wallet or purse, facing the same direction as your other cards, and you will be protected.

<em>Original Myne Card<em>

At 1mm thick, just 1/3 of a standard debit/credit card you are unlikely to notice an additional bulge or weight at just 4.5 grams!  The original (above) is a just slightly thicker than the special edition, but we are talking a millimeter!


As a Father’s Day gift why not opt for one of the four special edition Myne cards, that have artwork exclusively licensed by The National Gallery, in London!  You can choose from:

All of the above, including the standard Myne Card (£14.95), are available on Amazon and are Prime eligible

To demonstrate how secure the Myne Card is, the team posted some over to the {Tech} for Travel office.  So, the cards have been shared out and over the next few days we will be testing them against various contactless readers and will share a full product review later next week! Check back for the review.

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