Review: Lat_56° RW_01.1


The following review is part of the Back to Business special.


Lat_56° RW_01.1 Review

Lat_56° are a British company based in Dundee, Scotland and have been producing premium Luggage and Travel products since 2010.  Their unique mix of materials, functionality and clean & powerful designs deliver a selection of unisex bags and cases, that turn heads in any Business Lounge.

Every seasoned Business traveller knows, only a Carry-On will do.  The RW_01 range is the smallest Lat_56° offer and is suitable for up to 5 days of travel.



Exterior Styling

The most distinctive feature of this case is the Military-spec moulded EVA foam, which covers the front in an eye-catching Honeycomb pattern.  The sides and rear are wrapped in a strong nylon and a plastic skid plate on the base.

On the top you will find a padded carry handle and pocket that houses the telescopic pull along handle.  This is coated in a soft rubber to support a better grip,  the telescopic action is smooth and effortless, with two different lengths and operated by the thumb button housed on the top of the handle itself.

There are 2 pockets on the outside; a document pouch that sits flat against the rear of the case and a toiletries section, accessed by a concealed zip compartment on the top.

I have found the most prominent feature, despite the good looks, to be the wheel base.  This case is effortless to pull along, it runs so smooth and quietly you would hardly notice you are pulling it along.  Catch the wheels in the right light and you will notice they are a transparent red plastic, instead of the normal black solid plastic variety, and are perfectly balanced!



If the RW_01 catches your eye on the outside, yet, you will be more amazed on the inside, not only by the striking red lining, which seems a bit to nice for a case, but also thanks to the extras!

Unlike its bigger sibling, the RW_02, this carry-on includes the Lat_56° Suit Packing System. This includes an oversized hanger which mimics your shoulders, thus giving a better hang for your clothes when out of the case and crease free when in the case.  A rolling board in the bottom of the SPS keeps the rest of your garments ready to wear straight from the case.

At first I struggled to use the SPS and fill the shoe case, also included, at the same time.  There is an art-form needed to get a full 5 days use from this case, but it is very doable.


New Version

The model, I have not only tested, but used non stop for nearly 3 years, is the RW_01.1.  Lat_56° have now upgraded this to the RW_01.2 which is the same case but with a few subtle improvements for the same price!

These include:

  • Side Handle Added
  • Improved Rolling Board inside the SPS
  • Improved Suit Packing System Fabric
  • Telescopic Handle Fabric Flap Updated
  • Soft Hook Improved

Not once have I felt the need for any of these improvements on the 1.1, but these upgrades can only be a good thing for anyone interested in the 1.2.


The RW_01.2 is available from the Lat_56° site for £299 and to make that deal even better, their promotion which I covered back in June, for a complimentary SB_01 Breifcase Laptop Bag is still running.  This retails at £99 alone!


In Summary

I understand those people who get why it is worthwhile to invest in good luggage, those who use it week in week out and expect a premium product if they are to pay a premium price.  You get all of that with a Lat_56° case.  The only problem with owning a piece of Lat_56° luggage – you will want more Lat_56° luggage to go with it!!

Have a look at their Facebook page and you will find plenty of loyal customers, many of whom are Business travellers, and all own more than 1 item.  Why? Easy.  Their products have all the style and substance you could possibly want.  Mine is reaching 3 years of continuous travel and is as good as new.

And if all of that hasn’t convinced you, then have a look at the new Lat_56° and McLaren partnership that was announced just before this review was published!  



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  1. Wow! That luggage looks amazing! I am always in the market for durable but nice looking luggage. This seems like it would fit the bill. It’s a little expensive but it sounds like it’s worth it.

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