Away Aluminium Suitcases get New Colours

New colours for Away Aluminum carry-on. {Tech} for Travel.
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New Away Aluminium Cases

Most high-end luggage brands have a premium line of suitcases, often using Aluminium instead of the usual polycarbonate shells. Away has long had this offering to which it now has 3 new colour options to choose from.

What’s more, these new colours will be available across all four sizes of Away suitcases and are here to stay!! No limited editions, just new, year-round availability of the most desirable Away Suitcase.

Away Bigger Carry-On Oynx Black luggage. {Tech} for Travel.
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New Away Style, Same Premium Specs

Up until now, any Aluminium case from Away was silver. This is now joined by Gold, Rose Gold and Oynx Black.

There are no physical changes to the Aluminium range other than the colour, which no bad thing.

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All Aluminium cases have leather-trimmed handles, dual TSA Approved locks and 360º Spinner wheels. Both the Away Carry-On and Bigger Carry-On cases can have optional removable battery packs for charging on the go.

Away New Suitcase and luggage. {Tech} for Travel.
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Aluminium Suitcases

Over the years, the aluminum exterior will show the marks and signs of your time together—the more you travel, the more stories you (and your suitcase) will have to tell.


I can see the Bigger Carry-On in Oynx Black being a very popular piece of Away luggage, but all the colours work well with the Aluminium finish. My only concern would be checking in any off these case, just to get them back damaged!

There are many travellers who seem to embrace the damaged aluminium case as a sign of many miles travelled. Or have a story behind each one!

But I’m very much a protect it at all costs type of traveller!

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For checked luggage, do you use a cheaper case or prefer to use premium suitcases that make up a set?

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